8 Ways to Love Your Pet this Valentine's Day Make it a Love-ly Day for Your Pet!

8 Ways to Love Your Pet this Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is a day to show your loved ones that you care, and who loves you more than your pet? Here are a few creative ways to return the gift to your furry pal.

Valentine's Day is a time for showing the people we love just how much we care. It's no surprise that our pets make the top of that list! They're there to listen when everyone else is busy, they're always up for a snuggle, and you can see how much they love you in those beautiful eyes every day.

Here are eight ways to show your pet just how much you appreciate them on this special day!

1. “Treat” Them Right

Dogs and cats can’t enjoy chocolates—in fact, chocolate is very dangerous to pets and can be toxic—but your pets can enjoy treats made just for them. From bones to cookie treats to jerkies, your options are endless. Indulge in some specially-made Valentine’s Day pet treats, like heart-shaped cookies or treats tied up with red bows! Give your pet treats and love, and they’ll know something special is going on today. 

2. A Dinner Fit for a King, or a Princess

You may be planning a candlelit dinner for yourself and a special someone, or getting ready for a culinary adventure, so why should your pet have to settle for the same old chow today? Mix it up with a dollop of wet pet food your dog or cat will love—like a fish flavor they may have never tried before. Just be sure to serve them their regular food with a dollop of the new stuff on top—completely changing your pet’s diet for a day can cause tummy troubles. Or keep it simple and drizzle the oil from a can of tuna over their food. They’ll love it!

3. Get That New Toy

Has your dog been eyeing the neighbor’s tennis balls or sneakily grabbing chew toys you pass in the mall? Has your kitty been shredding pillows to get at those frisky feathers inside? Answer your pet’s pleas with a new toy, and indulge in a play session or three! We suggest the 3-in-1 JW Whirlwheel that can be used as a tug toy, chew toy, or fetching toy. You’ll get those little heart beating fast with good exercise, and maybe even your own too!

4. Pamper a Pup

After you’ve tuckered your little pal out with a play session, give your pet a little TLC. A Valentine’s Day grooming session could include a quick bath, a loving comb-out, or just a brush massage. Take this time to really bond with your pal—we bet they won’t complain if the petting lasts all night.

5. Have a Photo Shoot

Now that your pet is looking their best, set up that camera or computer photo booth and snuggle up for a pic! You’ll love remembering your dog’s sloppy smile or your cat’s contented look. If your pet is game, dress them up with a red scarf or a headband with heart antennae. Nothing cuter!

6. Set Them up for a Flea-Free Year

Fleas and ticks don’t take the day off, unfortunately, and in fact February into spring can be their busiest time of year. Make sure your pet is protected before there’s a problem!

7. Give Your Date Something Great—But Not a Pet

Puppies and kittens are adorable, but they’re serious commitments, and shouldn’t be given as gifts simply because they’re cute. It’s always best for the pet parent to choose their own fluffy companion, and especially to know they’re coming! Since pets are a lifestyle commitment for years and years, it’s best to let a pet parent do their own choosing.

8. And Remember—Keep the House Pet-Safe

Valentine’s Day can be a day of chocolates, candy, alcohol, candles, flowers, and all sorts of fun things for you. All these things, however, are potentially dangerous to your pets. Make sure your own treats are closed away whenever you’re not watching your pet, blow out candles before you leave a room, and check the list of toxic plants for pets before decking your home out in potentially perilous buds. Lilies are especially dangerous for cats.

Which tips will you be trying?

Wishing you and your pets a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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