5 Reasons Mixed Breed Dogs Make Great Pets Why Mutts Are Giving Purebreds a Run for Their Money

5 Reasons Mixed Breed Dogs Make Great Pets

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If you think those fancy purebreds have something going for them, wait until you hear what mixed breed dogs have to offer. Here are just a few reasons why many pet parents are choosing to go for a mutt nowadays.

Considering bringing a mutt, or mixed breed dog, into your family? Already a proud pet parent of a beloved mutt? Learn how mutts compare to purebred dogs, and why they make great pets!

1. Mutts May Be Healthier Pets

To achieve desired traits, purebred dogs are often the result of inbreeding, leading certain breeds to have a higher risk of developing serious health problems, like cancer. Due to genetic mixing, mutts are less likely to have such genetic defects since a mixed breed dogs are less likely to inherit a problem caused by a recessive gene, meaning that the issue will never become a health problem (or be presented, as veterinarians would say).

2. Mutts May Live Longer

Since mutts are generally thought to be healthier than purebreds, this lower probability of having genetic defects is likely going to affect their lifespan, making the average lifespan of mutts theoretically greater than purebred pets.

3. Mutts May Have More Moderate Personalities

While not all dogs of a particular breed behave a particular way, generalizations about a breed can hold true for many. Since mutts can claim multiple ancestral ties, they are less likely to fall into any extremes—be it extremely aggressive or extremely shy.

4. Mutts’ Uniqueness Is Something to Celebrate!

The popularity of Benji, Old Yeller, Tramp (of Lady and the Tramp), Laika (the first dog to orbit Earth), the comic strip “Mutts,” and, in more recent times, the Marvelous Mutts, give mutts, and their families, reason to be proud. Even some dog shows and competitions are officially recognizing mutts, allowing mixed breed dogs to participate in the challenges, pomp, and circumstance.

5. When You Adopt a Mutt, You Help Reduce Pet Overpopulation

Mutts are still at a disadvantage when it comes to having a permanent home—three-fourths of the millions of pets in shelters in the United States are mutts. But you, and pet parents like you, can help.

Are you concerned about not knowing enough information about a mixed breed dog’s health or genetic background? DNA tests for dogs are available and can reveal some of the breeds in your dog’s makeup, which can provide clues about health and behavior.

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