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Searching for the perfect topical ailment cure for your cat or dog? Zymox Spray with Hydrocortisone offers a powerful, natural cure to aid in the treatment of many different skin infections. This enzyme based formula is safe for use on dogs, cats, and in other veterinary recommended situations. Apply Zymox Spray with HC up to twice a day for seven days (or as otherwise directed by a veterinarian) to help treat atopic dermatitis, hot spots, acute moist pyoderma, fold pyoderma, anal sac abscesses,... Read More



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Game changer for my Pit with seasonal allergy

I've tried so many things to help him get thru this time of year. He itches all over, scratch's himself till he bleeds and is just miserable, which makes me miserable. His allergies come on so fast that he becomes overwhelmed with it in one day. It usually takes 2 or 3 days to get a vet appointment. (For his 2 week dose of Apoquil and antibiotics) This works to relieve the itching almost immediately, making him more comfortable while we wait for his appointment. I will from now on always have this on hand. by on 03/19/2019
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