Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain - Venison and Smoked Salmon Dry Cat Food
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At a Glance
Delicious taste your cat will love
Grain-free food without hormones or antibiotics
Made with whole fruits and vegetable to increase immunity
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    • Active ingredient pyriproxyfen is an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that prevents normal growth in immature fleas to become adult fleas and disrupts proper hatching of flea eggs
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Rated 5 out of 5 by 6 reviewers.

  • Excellent food for all types of cats. If I could, I would buy nothing else for my 3 Fur Babies.
    "Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Venison and Smoked Salmon" cat food is the absolute best food for my Fur Babies. I have 3 very different cats. My male is the size and build of a small wild cat. My oldest female is getting up there in age and is overweight. My youngest female is barely a year and very tiny, petite, if you will...All 3 loved the taste of the food. There was never a difficult transition. They took just one smell and they all 3 began woofing it down as if they hadn't eaten in months. My overweight female began losing weight immediately. All 3 of their coats were beautiful. They became more active. I would definitely recommend this food to anyone that has a feline in their family. My only problem with it is the price. I, unfortunately, can't afford to buy it anymore because I am unemployed. I hate that I can't give my fur babies the best, right now, but as soon as I am able, it will be "Taste of the Wild" only allowed in my house. by on 07/18/2013
  • Great Food!
    I buy both flavors and my little girl loves it! She has a great coat, lean body mass, and leaves less feces in the litter box! I also use another food but grain free is the key. It costs alittle more but my cat eats less! by on 02/10/2013
  • healthy meal
    My 3 cats really like this. I feed 2 different foods & if this bowl is empty I get "told" by at least 1 cat. I was having to fill this bowl every 2 days. I'm using a larger bowl & have to fill it about every 4 days now. I have 1 cat with stomach problems & this is a good food for him. by on 01/11/2013
  • Great product
    My cats love it. I switched from Evo to Taste of the Wild without even weening them off the old and into the new. They went for it straight away. by on 09/17/2012
  • Terrific Product!
    I started my overweight cat on this food about three months ago and she is doing great!!! She had skin dandruff and is about 4 pounds overweight. We have tried many other foods and have been measuring out her food for as long as I can remember and nothing was helping. She was a stray and was spayed late in life which is what caused the sudden weight gain. Her skin has now cleared up and she is done almost a pound! She eats less and is starting to seem more energetic and playful. by on 06/27/2011
  • They eat Less, hurray~~!
    I switched from ALL purina products (foods and litters) when my cat died from food poisioning last July. I called to report it to them, and all the response from them were "We have your information on file" even after 3 months I calld back, that was all they had to say.Anyway, I thought that when I bought this product last week that for the "bag weight" I didn't get alot of pet food. However, they are much fuller and eat much less of this product since it has no "grain fllers" it is just great~!!!! (I have a litter robot, and I find that they're not filling up the waste bin" nearly as fast (from every 4 days to now going on 6! Less poo, and they seem satisfied with less food, and more energy. I highly recomend trying this product, 1 it's about $2 or so a bag more than a similar sized bag, however you aren't buying it so often. I had been buying a 6.6lb bag with three cats. (5, 6, 14 pound respectively) I think I'll continue to purchase this product, and recommend it to my other furry Mom's and Dad's. Great alternative to stinky poo, and un-certain health from gentically enhanced grains in you're cats diets. by on 02/28/2011
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