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Lasts for a full 8 months
Kills and repels fleas and ticks
Safe for use on cats and kittens 10 weeks and older
Non-greasy, odorless, and easy-to-use

Seresto 8 Month Flea and Tick Collar For Cats

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Rated 4 out of 5 by 1711 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5by Love, love, love this collar!We have always had severe problems with fleas in our house. We were using Frontline for years, but I had heard it did weird things to cats with seizures and other neurological problems, especially older cats, and while my oldest cat was always a little loopy, he did start developing things like rocking and nervous tics after using Frontline. I'm not sure it was entirely related, but maybe. Anyway, Frontline always left residue on my couches, bed, etc., so it made me nervous to have it around where anyone could sit in it, etc. Needless to say, once I got pregnant, we abandoned Frontline in the fear of my contact with it and, later, the baby getting it on him or into his mouth. Seresto had *just* come out at that time, so we hadn't yet heard of it, as it was in between our vet visits. We figured that we hadn't seen fleas in a while, so we'd be okay just going without and using some diatomaceous earth, since that was supposed to be safer. Man, were we wrong. Talk about a flea infestation! Perhaps the worst one my household had experienced yet. And what's even worse on top of that - one of my cats is terribly allergic to fleas and tears out his hair, which puts our cat allergies and related asthma to a level of 10 out of 10 in terms of misery. Simply put, our entire house is miserable when fleas are around. Once the vet saw how covered in fleas one of my cats was, she recommended Seresto, and we haven't looked back. Talk about fantastic! It really does work for the full eight months and, to be honest, I've forgotten the exact date sometimes and gotten the collars late, and we *still* don't see fleas! Haven't seen a flea in the house in nearly four years, and we are constantly going in and out, and now have dogs (who also wear Seresto collars). I'm still a little worried about potential carcinogens, even though the website says they're safe, but the short-term relief we all feel from these collars, along with the lack of residue, is worth their weight in gold. Seresto collars have saved my family an immense amount of misery and have become an invaluable source of flea control in our home. 08/01/2018
Rated 5 out of 5by Seresto CollarsI have 10 barn (porch) cat ranging in age from juveniles to mature cats. I used on all of them for the past summer and collars work GREAT. They stayed on as they roamed the 20 acres and beyond with no issues. I never saw a tick or a flea the entire 8 months...on them anyway. BEST PRODUCT FOR US!! It's hard to spend the money, but in the long run I have peace of mind that my babies are covered. We live in highly wooded area where ticks, fleas, and other things are VERY present and none of our animals seemed to be effected. I saw some reviews of allergy breakouts but none of mine had any issues. 06/29/2018
Rated 5 out of 5by Great Product, Great PriceLove this flea & tick collar! Easy to use and very effective. 05/05/2018
Rated 5 out of 5by Great ProductThis collar really works great. My cats also LOVE the fact that I am not putting something 'wet' on the back of their necks 05/05/2018
Rated 4 out of 5by [email protected]I am leaving a review of the Seresto Flea and tick collar. It's a bit of gamble really, the first time I used these collars for both of my cats - they seemed to work really well, maybe the second time also. I ordered them again and have found that they are not so effective this time around, not sure if the fleas get used to them or why they seem less effective but, will try it for the fourth round. I also do not think they last anywhere near 8 months, I have been changing them out every 5 to 6 months. 12/26/2017
Rated 1 out of 5by Did not workI had the seresto collar on my cat for 2.5 months and now he is covered in fleas (wasn't with the monthly topical) and even has tapeworms. Saw the vet today who confirmed it and I couldn't have had it any tighter around his neck. Total waste of $ plus cost me a vet visit and med for tapeworms. 07/29/2017
Rated 5 out of 5by In effect, it's a good buy.It's great that it lasts for 8 months! Love the reflectors on the collar. It's cost efficient. 05/02/2016
Rated 5 out of 5by Works wellHave only had it for not quite a month and is controlling fleas really well. Have not found a flea on him since 2 days after putting it on him. 05/01/2016
Rated 4 out of 5by Very effectiveIt woks just as advertised. Our Siamese loves it being changed once every 8 months 01/19/2016
Rated 5 out of 5by a miracle for dog with flea allergies! My westie has severe flea allergies. Years prior, besides being itchy and miserable, she has developed hot spots and lost her fur from the flea bites. We used Seresto this year and its been a miracle. I have not found one flea on her. She looks great and feels great too! 12/09/2015
Rated 2 out of 5by slow working, not for the athletic or swimming dog The product was recommended by my trusted vet, altho was not having a flea problem with the monthly squirt on kind of treatment. . . just the expected flea litter above base of tail. Product took well over a month to kick in. Meanwhile I'd bombed, added flea stuff to carpets, ritually washed dog beds and seat covers, and routinely picked live fleas off of dogs & me. Directions are not specific about how tight to place collar. says allow enough for two fingers. . .should add "at most." Am not comfortable with my dogs wearing collars so tight that they cannot back out when running in the words or swimming along a shore line with tree debris. But after weeks of bites and itching I sadly tightened the collars.. . skin tight. This weekend we encountered another hazard. When your beloved fun-guy or -gal rolls in something with a terrific, irresistable odor, you must scrub the dog well, knocking off the build-up on his skin AND scrub the collar -- leaving it ineffective on fleas quite quickly. SIGH -- I'm done. LIke I said, I wasn't having any problems with the previous product. I like it even more now. 11/30/2015
Rated 1 out of 5by No worth the money Three dogs .. 180.00 on flea & Tick Collars that are supposed to last for 8 months ... stopped working at 3 months ... fleas all over dogs and my house. RIDICULOUS!!!!! 11/29/2015
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