Panacur C - Canine Dewormer
Panacur C - Canine Dewormer
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Prevents and treats various types of worms and other parasites
FDA approved for use in dogs

Panacur C - Canine Dewormer

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At a Glance
Prevents and treats various types of worms and other parasites
FDA approved for use in dogs

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Ultimate Guide To Panacur C - Canine Dewormer

What Is Panacur C - Canine Dewormer?

Panacur C Canine Dewormer is a highly effective treatment for controlling and eliminating various intestinal parasites in dogs. Manufactured by Merck Animal Health, this dewormer ensures your pet remains healthy and parasite-free. Panacur C canine dewormer is FDA-approved and contains the active ingredient fenbendazole, which is known for its broad-spectrum efficacy.

Active Ingredients

  • Fenbendazole Granules 22.2% (222 mg/g): This active ingredient effectively targets and eliminates a range of parasites, including roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms.

Effective Against

  • Roundworms: Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina

  • Hookworms: Ancylostoma caninum, Uncinaria stenocephala

  • Whipworms: Trichuris vulpis

  • Tapeworms: Taenia species

Recommended Use

  1. Dosing and Administration:

    • Determine your dog's weight to obtain the recommended daily dose.

    • Follow the dosing table provided to find the right dose.

    • Dosage unit: mg/lb of body weight.

    • Administer once a day for three consecutive days.

    • Dosing schedules may vary depending on the dog's health and parasite load.

  2. Administration with Food:

    • Panacur C canine dewormer can be mixed with your dog's usual food.

    • Moisten dry dog food to aid mixing if needed.

    • Ensure the dog eats all medicated food to receive the full dosage.

    • Can be mixed with dry dog food or other types of dog food as per your dog's preference.

  3. Packet Sizes and Dosage:

    • Available in 1-gram, 2-gram, and 4-gram packets.

    • Suggested dosing sizes will vary based on the dog's weight.

    • Use the following dosing table to determine the appropriate gram packets.

Treatment and Control

  • Panacur C is effective for the treatment and control of roundworms (Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina), hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum, Uncinaria stenocephala), whipworms (Trichuris vulpis), and tapeworms (Taenia species).

  • Regular deworming schedules may vary depending on the dog's exposure to parasites. Consult your veterinarian for a recommended deworming schedule.

  • For newly weaned pups and pregnant bitches, follow general guidance and consult your veterinarian.

Storage and Handling

  • Store Panacur C canine dewormer at controlled room temperature.

  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • Follow human warning instructions on the packaging.

Safety and Adverse Reactions

  • Panacur C is generally safe for treated dogs.

  • In rare cases, dogs may experience mild side effects such as vomiting or loose stools.

  • If adverse reactions occur, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Panacur C Canine Dewormer is a reliable and effective solution for keeping your dog free from intestinal parasites. With its easy administration and broad-spectrum control, it's an essential part of your dog's healthcare routine. Ensure you follow the recommended deworming schedule and dosing instructions to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Panacur C Canine Dewormer is a medicine that is composed of the chemical fenbendazole. This chemical is useful to treat parasitic infestations in dogs. Parasitic infestations are a massive concern in dogs. Dogs are usually dewormed regularly as untreated parasitic infections have the potential to be fatal.

One of the most significant advantages of Panacur C is that it treats a wide variety of parasites. This medicine treats four of the most common worms that are found in dogs. They are tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms. Regular use of Panacur C will ensure that your dog is free from these parasites and live a healthy life.

Why Is Regular Deworming Necessary?

Dogs are an unruly lot! They sniff everything they come across, lick a lot of things because of curiosity, and they touch everything! Dogs use their mouths as their primary means of interacting with their environment. This habit is troublesome because they can pick up a lot of nasties without you realizing it!

Parasites can wreak havoc on your dog's health if left untreated. They can cause diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, shortness of breath, and coughing. Your dog's butt can feel itchy, and they can hurt themselves trying to scratch it. Worms can also cause nutritional deficiencies and developmental abnormalities. These effects are why you need Panacur C Canine Dewormer for dogs.

How Do I Prevent Worms?

The easiest way to prevent worms is to have your dogs on a regular deworming schedule. The schedule depends on your dog's lifestyle, age, and whether he frequents the outdoors a lot. If your dog is a companion animal, i.e., he usually lives at home and goes out only for walks, then you should deworm your dog at least twice a year for all his adult life.

If you have a rescue, you should speak to your vet about starting a deworming and vaccination schedule. When the dog's past deworming history is unknown, the dog is usually dewormed as soon as possible and then again a fortnight later. If you have other animals in the house, speak to your vet about whether you should deworm them as well.

If your dog is a hunting dog, or if you take your dog hiking or camping a lot, then you need to deworm more regularly with Panacur C CanineDewormer for dogs. Speak to your vet about the deworming schedule you need to follow.

Is the Deworming Schedule the Same for Dogs and Puppies?

Puppies have a much more frequent deworming process than dogs. Puppies first go through the deworming process when they are two weeks old. Next, they are dewormed every fortnight at four, six, and eight weeks old. The second-last leg of the process happens at twelve and sixteen weeks of age.

Finally, puppies get their final two deworming doses at six months of age and again at 12 months. These are general guidelines that are followed. Speak to your vet to figure out the correct Panacur C schedule for your pup!

How Much Should I Give My Dog?

The dosage of any medicine depends on your dog's weight. The dosage is 50mg of Panacur C per kilo of body weight. The guidelines are:

Dog's Weight Size of Packet
10 lbs 1g
20 lbs 2g
30 lbs 1g + 2g
40 lbs 4g
50 lbs 1g + 4g
60 lbs 2g + 4g
80 lbs 4g + 4g
Over 80 lbs Ask your vet

You must continue this medicine for three days, one after the other. You cannot give one dose one day as that will not complete the deworming process. The guidelines mentioned here are daily doses. You have to give your dog this daily dose every day for three days. Do not divide the daily amount into three parts.

It is also imperative that you weigh your dog before you give them any deworming medicine. The effectiveness of Panacur C will depend on whether the right dose is being delivered to the dog with the correct weight. You do not want to risk a low amount as it will not work. Nor do you want to risk a higher dose as it may have adverse effects on your dog.

Are There Any Precautions I Need to Take When Giving Panacur C - Canine Dewormer?

When you give your dog a small medicine like Panacur C, you need to make sure he has all of it. This is a granule that must be mixed thoroughly with food, so your pet must eat all of the food it is mixed with. Please ensure your dog gets a full dose of this medicine. You should also consult your vet before giving this to a dog who is already sick.

Are There Any Side Effects of Panacur C - Canine Dewormer?

Panacur for dogs is made using fenbendazole, an extremely safe medicine. However, 1% of dogs experienced the side effect of vomiting during clinical trials. Please contact your veterinarian in case of vomiting. If this happened close to when your dog had Panacur C, then your vet will let you know whether or not you need to repeat the dose.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How Should I Store Panacur C?

    You should store Panacur C Canine Dewormer between 20-25C. Its effectiveness may be hurt if stored at higher temperatures. If you live in a sweltering climate, you can keep this in an air-conditioned room.

  2. Can I Use This for My Cat?

    Panacur C is safe for use in only dogs. You cannot give this to your cat. Speak to your vet about feline dewormers if your cat needs to be dewormed. If your cat has eaten part of this medicine, contact your cat's vet immediately.

  3. Can I Give This to My Puppy?

    You can safely give Panacur C to puppies who are over six weeks old. You can even give Panacur to pregnant dogs. However, it is not meant for use in puppies who are less than six weeks old.

  4. Can I Give This to Only One of My Dogs?

    If you have multiple dogs or animals in the house, it is suggested that you deworm all the animals either simultaneously or in very close proximity. If one of your dogs has worms, it is likely to have spread to other animals. Many households deworm every animal and human member in the house on the same day!

  5. My Dog Is Between Weights on the Dosage Guidelines. What Dose Should I Use?

    It is generally acceptable to use the next higher dose if your dog is between weights. However, this also depends on your dog, their health, and their lifestyle. It is best to speak to your vet to guide you if you have any doubts.

  • Intervet Brand
  • Heartworm & Deworming Pharmacy
  • Merck Animal Health Manufacturer
  • Senior Life Stage
  • Kitten Life Stage
  • Oral Application
  • Dog Pet Type

How Long Will My Puppy Poop Worms After Deworming?

Panacur C Canine Dewormer is a drug for dogs that is highly recommended by experts in the veterinary field. The medicine is mainly made up of Fenbendazole granules. Fenbendazole is categorized under benzimidazole anthelmintic compound. It has numerous effectiveness as it prevents infection caused by gastrointestinal parasites. Some of these infection-causing parasites are hookworms, pinworms, tapeworm, tapeworm, roundworms, giardia, paragonimiasis, strongyloides, aelurostrongylus, and strongyles. After the administration of Panacur for Dogs to your pet, you will notice dead parasites in your dog's excrement. This will continue for a few days even after the treatment period. Your pet may also show some signs of diarrhea, which can be caused due to the digestion of the dead worms. For the most part, freshly dewormed dogs act normally, no matter what you find in your dogโ€™s stool. If you find any inconsistency in your pet, you should contact your veterinarian for assistance.

How Long Does It Take for Panacur to Work in Dogs?

Panacur for Dogs is one of the best deworming medicines for dogs present on the market. After the administration of Panacur to your dog or puppy, the medicine works very quickly. Normally the drug takes effect within one or two days after application but to notice visible effects you can wait for at least two weeks. After one month from the treatment of your pet, most of the parasites will be dead. The deworming process of puppies is different from the deworming procedure of adult dogs. For puppies, deworming starts from the second week of their birth. This process continues for every consecutive two weeks until the age of twelve weeks. After the age of three months of your puppy, the medicine should be continued once a month until he or she becomes six months old. From the age of six months, all puppies need to be dewormed every three months for the best protection. After the ingestion of the medicine, if your pet shows any abnormal symptoms, you can directly contact your veterinarian for further instructions.

Can You Feed Dog After Deworming?

After the deworming process of your dogs, you can reward your pet by making his or her favorite meal or food. This normally helps in encouraging your pet and it can also cheer them up. Even though you are rewarding your pet, you should never give them any junk food. For the well-being of your pet, a healthy diet provided by the veterinarian is ought to be maintained.

What Happens to Puppies After Deworming?

After the deworming process that is recommended by your veterinarian for your pet, you will notice worms in your petโ€™s feces in the following days. Your pet may also show signs of indigestion because of the presence of dead parasites in its intestines. There is nothing to worry about, it is a completely normal procedure. You can sometimes notice a slight twitch in your pet, but you can be worry-free as all the worms will slowly be exterminated in time. If you notice any form of irregularity in your after the application of the medicine you can consult your veterinarian for diagnosis, treatment, and control of the ailment.

Does Panacur Make My Dog Pee More?

Panacur C Canine Dewormer is one of the safest dewormers on the market. Panacur C Dewormer for dogs is a medicine that is generally considered to be very safe as a large number of veterinarians around the globe recommend its usage. The drug does not have any side effects that exhibit an increase in urination in your pet.

Does Dewormer Hurt Dogs if They Donโ€™t Have Worms?

Dewormers are very safe drugs that are recommended by numerous veterinarians and experts for your pets. After the administration of the medicine, if you notice that your pet does not have any parasitic infestation, there is no need for you to panic as the drug does not cause any harm to your pet.

What Are the Symptoms of a Dog With Worms?

If there is an infestation of parasites in your petโ€™s body, your dog can suffer from various ailments. To find out if your pet is suffering from any worm-related issues you can observe some of the existing symptoms. These indicators can vary from pet to pet. Some of the symptoms of dogs with worms are lethargy, weight loss due to your petโ€™s bad appetite, vomiting that may or may not contain parasites in it, swelling of the belly, a dry and dull appearance of their coat, abdominal pain, chewing at their bottom, too much or excessive scooting, dehydration, chronic coughing, and diarrhea, with the presence of mucus or blood. If you notice the presence of any of the above-mentioned problems in your pets, it is recommended that you immediately contact your veterinarian.

Can natural or home remedies be used to treat worms in dogs?

Yes, there are natural and home remedies that can be used to treat worms in dogs, such as feeding them pumpkin seeds or garlic or using food-grade diatomaceous earth. However, it's important to note that these remedies may not always be effective and should not be used as a substitute for veterinary care.

Can worms in dogs cause weight loss?

Yes, worms in dogs can cause weight loss. When a dog has a worm infestation, the worms can consume a significant portion of the nutrients that the dog is consuming, which can result in weight loss. Additionally, some types of worms, such as tapeworms, can cause a dog to feel constantly hungry, leading to increased appetite and potential weight loss as the worms consume the nutrients the dog is consuming.

Can worms in dogs cause lethargy or loss of appetite?

Yes, dog worms can result in lethargy and appetite loss. Lethargy, weakness, diarrhea, vomiting, and lack of appetite are just a few of the symptoms that can be brought on in dogs by intestinal worms such as roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms. The worms may harm the dog's digestive system, resulting in nutritional inadequacies that may cause the dog to lose weight and lose appetite. Some worm species can also spread to other areas of the body, harming internal organs and resulting in a variety of symptoms, including lethargy.

How often should dogs be tested for worms?

Dogs should be tested for worms on a regular basis, depending on their age, lifestyle, and general health. Puppies should typically have deworming treatments at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks old, and then every three to six months until they are six months old. After six months, mature dogs should be tested for worms at least once a year. Dogs who are more likely to become infected with worms, such as those who spend a lot of time outdoors or in areas where there are other dogs, may require more frequent testing, such as every 3 to 4 months.

Can puppies be born with worms?

Yes, puppies can be born with worms. Some types of worms, such as roundworms and hookworms, can be transmitted from the mother dog to her puppies while they are still in the womb or through the mother's milk during nursing. These worms can be present in the mother dog's intestines, and the eggs or larvae can be shed in her feces, contaminating the environment around her and exposing her puppies to the worms.

Can Panacur C Canine Dewormer be used for dogs with environmental allergies?

Panacur C Canine Dewormer is an anthelmintic medication that is commonly used to treat and prevent various types of intestinal worms in dogs. It is not specifically designed to treat environmental allergies in dogs, and its use for this purpose is not recommended.

Can Panacur C Canine Dewormer be used for dogs with ear infections?

No, it is not. Ear infections in dogs are usually caused by bacteria or yeast and require specific medications to effectively treat the infection.

How long does Panacur C Canine Dewormer last in the dog's system?

Fenbendazole has a six-hour elimination half-life in dogs following a single Panacur C treatment. This indicates that within six hours of dosing, the dog will have excreted 50% of the drug. The kind and severity of the infection, the dog's metabolism, and his or her immune system will all affect how long Panacur C will remain helpful in treating parasite infections.

Can Panacur C Canine Dewormer be used as a preventative measure for worms?

Yes, certain types of worms in dogs can be prevented by using Panacur C Canine Dewormer. It's crucial to keep in mind that the drug should only be used with a veterinarian's supervision, and the amount and frequency of administration will vary depending on the individual needs and risk factors for parasite infections of your dog.

Does Panacur C Canine Dewormer have any interactions with other medications?

Yes, some drugs may interfere with Panacur C Canine Dewormer, so be sure to tell your vet about any medications, supplements, or therapies your dog is currently taking or has just started. Corticosteroids (like prednisone), which can reduce fenbendazole's effectiveness, and cimetidine, which can raise fenbendazole concentrations in the circulation and potentially induce toxicity, are two drugs that may interact with Panacur C.

Is Panacur C Canine Dewormer addictive for dogs?

No, Panacur C Canine Dewormer is not addictive for dogs. The active ingredient in Panacur C is fenbendazole, which works by interfering with the parasites' ability to absorb nutrients, and it does not have any known addictive properties.


Fenbendazole belongs to the anthelmintics class of drugs and is chiefly indicated for the prevention of gastrointestinal parasites in animals. It is effective for the treatment of certain types of hookworm, whipworm, roundworm and tapeworm infections in dogs. The active ingredient in the medication, fenbendazole, works by inhibiting the energy metabolism of the disease-causing parasite. The anthelminthic property of the component provides fast remedy to gastrointestinal and respiratory tract infections. Panacur is also used as an ovicidal to kill nematode eggs.ย 

Fenbendazole (Panacur) is FDA approved for use in dogs only. The medication is available over the counter as granules in packs of 1 gm, 2 gm and 4 gm. Mix the granules in the petโ€™s meal. Calculating the exact body weight of the pets is necessary before administering the medicine. The standard dosage for dogs and cats is 25 mg/lbs (50 mg/kg) daily for 3 consecutive days. The duration of administration is based on the clinical condition of the pet and the development of side effects, if any. It is better to administer Panacur Paste 10% to puppies and kittens, especially those, which have not been weaned. It is available as an over the counter product containing 5 oral syringes/box.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Consult your veterinarian for assistance in the diagnosis, treatment and control of parasitism. Dogs over six months of age should be dewormed at least twice a year with PANACUR Granules 22.2%. For puppies younger than six months, see product label. In rare instances, nausea, vomiting and loose stools are observed as side effects of fenbendazole. Approximately 1% of dogs had vomiting associated with the use of this product.

Do not administer the medication on animals allergic to it or benzimidazole carbamates. Avoid feeding rodents, raw meat or fish to the pet. Ensure that the pet is clean to avoid infection and re-infection. Dispose of pet stools daily, and get rid of fleas on the pet and in the household. The medication is not effective as a one-time dose. For best results, continue therapy for several consecutive days.

Ask your veterinarian or consult with one of our pet care specialists at 1-800-844-1427.

This information is for informational purposes only and is not meant as a substitute for the professional advice of, or diagnosis or treatment by, your veterinarian. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian or other qualified professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard or delay seeking professional advice due to what you may have read on our website. Our medications are FDA approved and/or EPA regulated when and as required by law.

Use as directed by veterinarian. Dosage varies due to the dog's exact body weight. Packets of granules should be mixed with the pet's food and administered for several consecutive days for best results. Depending on the dog's health condition and reaction, Panacur may or may not be used longer than three days.

To avoid re-infection, it is important to keep the pet clean and free from fleas and other pests.

Most adult dogs should be de-wormed at least twice a year.
Dog WeightPacket Size*
10 pounds1 gram
20 pounds2 gram
30 pounds1 gram + 2 gram
40 pounds4 gram
50 pounds1 gram + 4 gram
60 pounds2 gram + 4 gram
80 poundsTwo 4 gram
Over 80 poundsUse combinations to obtain recommended daily dose

*Packet size is the daily dose. The dog must be treated with this dose for 3 days in a row.

Store at controlled room temperature (59-86F).

Panacur C - Canine Dewormer is manufactured by Merck Animal Health
Option UPC/SKU
Box of three - 1 Gram packages 0021784470117
Box of three - 2 Gram packages 0021784470216
Box of three - 4 Gram packages 0021784470414

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Very nice

Great packaging, reasonable shipping time

Chey recommends this item.
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Worked great for hookworms

This worked great to get rid of my pup's hookworms, at the fraction of the cost of what my vet charges. Highly recommend!

Mei B recommends this item.
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I found this to better than most

This was already in a powder form so all I had to do is put it in his food. So much easier. Worked good

kimbrell recommends this item.
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panacur c

Panacur c is a very good product. I fully recommend it. The only complaint is that I couldn't find the proper dose and I ended up buying the rest of the dose at some place else for a third of the price of this site. Other than that no complaint at all. Search before you buy !

Omar_Oseguera recommends this item.
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this is a very effective product , they saved me a lot of footwork I have 10 dogs ,taking everyone of them to the vet is a big job ,saved me a lot of steps, and It was here when they said I would be

david_retired_firefighter recommends this item.
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pa ncur for puppies


INEZ_OVERBECK recommends this item.
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