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At Purina ONE, we believe that by discovering a cat's true nature, we can gain a better understanding of their needs. Nature shines through in our science when it comes to making Purina ONE SMARTBLEND Chicken & Rice Formula. The blending of both nature and science allows us to discover key ingredient and nutrient combinations. Together, they create an optimal protein level with real chicken as the first ingredient, plus antioxidants and other high-quality ingredients to make a positive differen... Read More



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Great food, but don't buy it here!

This is a great cat food with chicken as the first ingredient, and also has brewer's rice, which is one of the better grains for cats. However, PetCareRx has failed to update the product information and their price is stupid expensive. It is now Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken, and I can buy a 22 pound bag of this at Wal-Mart for the same price PetCareRx is charging for the 16 pound bag. I have given the low rating because of the price on this website ... otherwise this food gets a five (5) star rating. by on 02/08/2018
Purina One

As soon as I put the sample in the cat dish my three cats are it all up. They loved it. by on 07/15/2016

Oh how my cat enjoyed this cat food. Will definitely be buying this as well as the one I us now. by on 07/15/2016

Yes, I would recommend this product to a family and friend by on 07/15/2016
Cat loved it

My cat gobbled this up uber fast. I added it to his old food and he ate this first! by on 07/15/2016
My cats are picky

My cats prefer their old food compared to any other kind but one of them enjoyed this. by on 07/15/2016
My cat loves it

It's certainly more appealing than other cat foods we've tried & has better ingredients. by on 07/15/2016

my cat absolutely loved this brand more so then others I'm thinking about buying this rather then other brands from now on by on 07/15/2016
Kitty Approved

I have it to both of my cats and they both loved it! by on 07/15/2016
My cat loved it!

My cat loved it! He acted as if he were getting treats instead of a regular meal. by on 07/15/2016
cat loves it

my cat loves this product so i had to give it 5 stars by on 07/15/2016
Purina One Tender Selects

My cat really enjoyed them! Within 2 days he had eaten the entire bag and he is typically not big on dry cat foods. by on 07/15/2016
Loved it

My cat really enjoyed this dry food. He is usually a picky eater but he really liked it a lot. by on 07/15/2016
Good stuff

My cats really liked this stuff. It is more expensive than what I usually buy. by on 07/15/2016
Happy cats :)

My cats loved this product! They eat like it's treats! by on 07/15/2016
Great Product

My cats loved it and will definitely purchase it for my cats!! by on 07/15/2016

my cat really liked the taste of this product over her usual brand by on 07/15/2016

my cats seemed to enjoy the taste of this product very much by on 07/15/2016
My cat loved it.

He couldn't get enough of this product. The small pieces were perfect. by on 07/15/2016
cat food

great cat liked alot would recommend to friends !! by on 07/15/2016
Not much of a difference.

My cat enjoyed it i suppose. Hes a fatty so he will eat anything. by on 07/15/2016
Great cat food

When I opened this bag my cats instantly smelt it and went nuts they ate it like they've never ate before or something. by on 07/15/2016
Tasty kitty kibble

My cat enjoyed this food and ate it all in one serving. by on 07/15/2016

My cat did not eat this. She didn't like it at all. by on 07/15/2016
He really enjoyed it

He really seemed to enjoy this product. I wouldn't say he went crazy for it but it's something I might get him when his current food runs out. by on 07/15/2016
Our cat loved it

When offered this food, our cat acted like she hadn't she hadn't eaten in days! She is usually a Miss Picky, but not with this one! by on 07/15/2016

It's a great product that my cats loved to eat and that I felt good feeding them. by on 07/15/2016
Empty bowl

Normally our catjay nibbles at her food multiple times a day. With this she cleaned the bowl! by on 07/15/2016
My kitty approves

My cat loves this food she rubbed against the bag as I was trying to open it and once I poured it in her bowel she ate it all! by on 07/15/2016

All of my cats loved this food. They are very, very picky eaters too. by on 07/15/2016
Title gets straight to the point

My cats loved The cat food they gobbled it right up by on 07/15/2016
Kitty really liked it!

My cat seemed to really enjoy the free sample we received. Will definitely be buying some. by on 07/15/2016

my kitty absolutely loved this stuff. once she finished it she gave me this look like i want more! a definite keeper! by on 07/15/2016
Cat loving cat food

My cat loved this cat food. He kept wanting more, meow, meow meow. by on 07/15/2016
My cat liked it

My cat seemed to like it, though not much more than his normal food by on 07/15/2016
cats loved it

my cats went crazy for it wanted more and more by on 07/15/2016
Small bites, big flavor

I have an older cat that loves this food! The small bites are easy for her to eat and she gobbles it all up instantly! by on 07/15/2016
Perrfect for cats

A treat my kitties loved! Has everything they like by on 07/15/2016
Great for cats!

I loved the packaging. The cat food looked fresh. I was excited to feed it to my cat. It loved it. by on 07/15/2016
My cats loved this!

My cats had their head in the bag when I turned away! They love this product! by on 07/15/2016

This cat food is awesome, love the ingredients and my cat loves the flavor. by on 07/15/2016
Cat love it!!

Im very surprised as we have some very picky cats. They gobbled this right up! Im going to have to go buy some!! by on 07/15/2016

This cat food was okay but my cat didn't not like it at all. by on 07/15/2016
Good cat food

My cat loved the taste of the cat food and liked the tender morsels that were in it, especially since he is a more mature cat. by on 07/15/2016

My cat enjoyed this food so much! She's very picky and loved it. by on 07/15/2016
Quality food

My cats loved it. No bad side effects. Quality product by on 07/15/2016
She loved it!!

My cat, Momoe loved the Purina tender Selects! We normally buy Purina cat chow and she loved it! We buy Purina and the tender select will be something we buy all the time from now on! Momoe says it's purrfect!! by on 07/15/2016
Kitty loves!

Purina ONEร‚ยฎ Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken kitty loves this food! by on 07/15/2016
Cats loved it!

My cats gobbled it up but I didn't see much difference from my current cat food. by on 07/15/2016

My cat loved this. He ate every piece of the sample. by on 07/15/2016
Awsome taste

My cat loves this food. Have tried tons thru out the years and my cat likes this the best! by on 07/15/2016

my cats loved this food... they keep purring and meowing for more by on 07/15/2016
My cats loved it

My cats are sometimes picky and they really prefer cheap generic food. But I've been trying to get them to switch to something better and healthier. They ate this right up! by on 07/15/2016

I really love this product and so does my cat! She eats it up super quick. by on 07/15/2016
Good product

Cats liked the taste of this food. But not enough to switch foodsfoods. by on 07/15/2016

He absolutely love it it works amazingly and makes him feel great by on 07/15/2016
Great cat food!

My cats thoroughly enjoyed this food. They are on prescription food so I gave this to them as a treat. by on 07/15/2016
My cat food

My cat liked the food,but it did not like it more than. The. Food she is already eating. by on 07/15/2016
Kitty love

My card just loved this good. They were such in a hurry to eat it that they came back for seconds. by on 07/15/2016
good brand

overall this product delivered on everything my cat needs by on 07/15/2016
Happy kitties

my kitties love this product much more than what we are currently giving them and i ave changed out the old food for this product. by on 07/15/2016
2 paws up

My kitty cat loves this cat food. She even licked her bowl clean! by on 07/15/2016

My cats love the purina one tender selects blend with Real Chicken. by on 07/15/2016

Cat loved it! He's a picky eater and just devoured it as soon as I set his bowl down. Already buy regular purina cat chow. by on 07/15/2016
Love it!

My cat loves this! Finishing up her other food I have and buying this next! by on 07/15/2016
Kitty loved it!

Our cat absolutely loved this product! She ate all of the food and we have been purchasing this brand since! by on 07/15/2016
They love it

Both of my cats were so excited to try this new food and they both loved it. I mainly feed them canned food but this is a special treat for them. by on 07/15/2016
My Picky Cats Love it

My picky cats tore open the package because I put it on a shelf they could reach. The loved it. by on 07/15/2016
Very good

My cats are older and picky but they loved the taste by on 07/15/2016
Love this

My cat loved when I tried Purina One with tender selects. I think my cat really enjoyed it as she ate it and kept nudging the bag. I went out and bought her more. by on 07/15/2016
Cat liked it

Cat seemed to like this cat food a lot as she piggy and engulfed it. by on 07/15/2016
My Cat Loved This

My cat loved this brand. She responded really weel to this and it kept her full. by on 07/15/2016
Happy Kitty

I have a very fussy kitty but she enjoyed this very much by on 07/15/2016
My cat loved it

My cat loved this food. It has chicken as the first ingredient and I like that a lot. Thinking about switching over from my current food. by on 07/15/2016
Gato loves it

My cat loved this very much he's very picky and ate it all by on 07/15/2016
Purine one tender selects cat food

I really liked the ingredients in this product. My cat really enjoyed the cat food and was wanting more. by on 07/15/2016
Cats love it

My cats loved this crunchy cat food. As soon as I received it in the mail and they heard the package shake they were excited. I will definitely purchase this product. by on 07/15/2016
Cat chow.

My you cat loved the food. I usually buy the cheap store brand but can see the difference in the quality of theevery food. by on 07/15/2016

My kitty thought this was a nice tasty treat to add on top of current food. by on 07/15/2016

my furbaby loved it so much i had to run out and buy a big bag of it. by on 07/15/2016
Purina One is PURR-fect for my cats!

My cats loved Purina One brand cat food and I felt great feeding it to them. Purina is a trusted brand and this food looks as amazing as the ingredients used in it. by on 07/15/2016
Cats love it!

My one cat is very picky and loved this food, I would definitely recommend it. by on 07/15/2016
Picky Kitty

My cat is a picky thing and really enjoyed this cat food. by on 07/15/2016

My cat loved it and loved me even more, lol!. I will definitely be buying some of these. by on 07/15/2016
love the name

My cat really seemed to enjoy the Purina Pro Plan chicken flavor. by on 07/15/2016

Very good , my cat loves dry food and this was absolutely one of the favorites by on 07/15/2016
Cats loved it.

My cats are picky eaters. I was surprised when I put this food in their bowl and they ate it! by on 07/15/2016

Idk why cats are so picky, especially mine! But believe or not he loved this food over any other cat food given to her! by on 07/15/2016
Didnt last long

I think the size of the pellets was great for my older cat. He relly seemed to enjoy this food. I will be purchasing for him going forward. by on 07/15/2016
Mr Waffles says thanks!

This is a good product. It doesn't have that really strong odor like most cat foods and my cat was happy with it. by on 07/15/2016
My finicky cat ate this up!

My cat seemed to love this food. She gave it the sniff test and it must have passed muster because she then gobbled it down! by on 07/15/2016
Good price for decent cat food

I currently use a much high brand of cat food, but I also pay more for that. If you are looking for something affordable that your kitties will enjoy, this is a great product. However, if you are highly concerned about what goes into your cats food, this ingredient list is just O-K. by on 07/15/2016

Cat seemed to enjoyed it. Took his time to taste each nibble. So to me I took that as he liked it very much. by on 07/15/2016
Eat more chicken

It's pretty good stuff and my cat seemed to love the flavor. She's picky and has a sensitive stomach. Overall this product is well worth the buy. by on 07/15/2016
Purona one cat food

My cat never stays long with one type of cat food. He usualy eats half of what i buy him and then wants something differnt but he seem to like this this brand we will have to see what happens for now ill be nutral. by on 07/15/2016
Great food

This is a great food for the cat. I would recommend this to anyone by on 07/15/2016
Cats love this

Cats love this food even helped boots go number two. by on 07/15/2016
My kitty loved

My cat loves this cat food! She ate it really well and seemed to like it a lot better than the stuff I had been buying! by on 07/15/2016
Cat was ok with it

I can tell when my cat likes his food because he eats almost all of what I give him. He only ate about 2/3 of what I gave him every day so I would say he was ok with it. by on 07/15/2016
Cat food review

My cat kind of liked this dry cat food. She is used to the dry food, but this food seemed to be more crunchy than what she is used to. Product also gave her diarrhea, so that isn't great. by on 07/15/2016