The 5 Best Foods for Keeping Older Cats Healthy

The 5 Best Foods for Keeping Older Cats Healthy

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Did you know that cats live longer because of improved medical care and diet? Due to remarkable advances in the world of cats, their geriatric age has been redefined to 11 years. The negative effects of aging can be dialed down with the help of good nutrition. By taking care of their health, you can prevent and manage several health conditions that are common at that age. Understanding the complexities of specialized nutrition for older cats can be cumbersome and difficult. To make your life easier and to ensure your feline friends get all their nutrients, here is a list of the five best foods.

  1. Wellness Complete Health Senior Cat FoodThe best line of products for your older feline friends is the Wellness Complete Health Senior Health Deboned Chicken & Chicken Meal Recipe. It is filled with lean protein to aid the muscle mass of cats. When compared to the adult formula, the senior cat food has eight percent lesser calories. Chondroitin, fat, fiber, and glucosamine supplement the recipe, for a balanced diet and aging joint protection.
  2. From Mature Gold Cat Food If you want to meet the dietary requirements of your cats without compromising on flavor and quality, go for Mature Gold Cat Food. It is specifically designed to meet the calorific needs of senior cats, helping them maintain weight. To ensure your cats get high-quality protein, chicken, ducks, and eggs are added to the formula. Potatoes, white rice, and pearled barley are included for digestible carbohydrates. Minerals, probiotics, and vitamins supplement the formula, for optimal nutrition.
  3. Nutro Indoor Senior Cat Food Nutro has a small selection formula that is made specifically for older cats. Chicken/White Fish & Brown Rice are two types of dry food available. Chicken maintains the lean muscle mass of cats while brown rice helps indigestion. Whitefish reduces hairballs, improve digestion, maintain weight, and boost energy. Soft Loaf Cod/Chicken Recipe are two types of wet food that are easy to chew and swallow. They have low carbohydrates and high protein to meet the dietary requirements of your feline friends.
  4. Blue Buffalo Healthy Ageing Cat FoodBlue Buffalo has eight products to meet the nutritional needs of your older cats. They contain brown rice, chicken, and turkey are some of the main ingredients in their food products. They don’t have any artificial additives or soy, wheat, or corn. Blue Buffalo also has food that helps cats with various medical problems such as gastrointestinal support, food tolerances, weight management, and urinary care.
  5. NutriSource Senior/Weight Management Cat FoodTheir dry formula food for cats is completely made of natural ingredients for optimal nutrition in cats. The first ingredient for the recipe is the chicken meal, a source of high animal protein. Dried eggs and fish meals are added as supplements. Digestible carbohydrates such as barley, oatmeal, and brown rice are present in the formula. Essential fatty acids like sunflower oil and chicken fat are also included. To make it easier for your cats to absorb and digest food, the protein molecules are chemically bonded with chelated minerals.

The quality of diet for your feline friends determines the longevity of their lives. Barring these 5 products, your vet may also recommend prescription food such as Hill's Prescription Diet c/d Multicare dog food based on specific health requirements. To ensure all the dietary requirements of your cats are met, add either of the five products to your shopping list.

What Food Should An Old Cat Eat?

Due to significant improvements in technology and the quality of life of felines, their lifespan is increasing. When cats become old, it is important to feed them the right type of diet because it will have a positive impact on their longevity. However, felines tend to become picky eaters as they age. As a result of this, it is hard to get them to eat certain types of food. However, if you can get your old cat to eat anything, you can say that you were successful in bypassing this trait.

The Number Of Problems Increases With Age

When felines grow older, a lot of changes take place in the physiology of their digestive systems. By the time they reach the age of 11 and 12, their digestive systems can no longer digest fats as efficiently as before. Unlike carbohydrates and proteins, fats have a higher amount of calories per gram. As a result of this, your old feline may not get the right amount of calories to stay healthy and fit. On top of that, about 20% of the felines find it harder to digest protein when they are more than 14 years old. When living beings are unable to digest protein, they won’t be able to maintain their muscle mass. Due to their body’s inability to digest protein and fat efficiently, they will become skinny in no time. When felines lose weight quickly, they are more vulnerable to diseases that can be fatal. Felines are also prone to arthritis and kidney disease when they grow old. At the same time, there are more free radicals in their body, which can damage or alter the structure of compounds and cells. The thing about free radicals is that their numbers continue to increase on a regular basis, which will continue to injure the cells of the feline’s body.

Ideal Diet For Old Cats

Here is an ideal diet that you can feed your old cat:

  • To counteract the damage done by free radicals, you need to feed your feline diets that have high levels of antioxidants. You can give selenium, beta-carotene, and Vitamin E, C, and A.
  • To keep the kidneys in good shape, you can feed your feline food that is low in phosphorous. At the same time, make sure the protein you give is from a high-quality source.
  • Some amount of protein to make sure your feline has the same muscle mass. If you can provide carnitine to your feline, it will work wonders.
  • Fish oil has active compounds which decrease brain aging effects. It also improves the overall health of joints.
  • High or moderate levels of fat, depending on the mass of your feline.

To make the food more appetizing to your feline friend, try to improve its smell as much as possible. If you have any queries regarding this topic, feel free to leave a comment below!

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