O.N.E. Chicken and Rice Formula Dry Cat Food
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At a Glance
Real chicken is the #1 ingredient, blended with other high-quality protein sources, to help support strong muscles, including a healthy heart.
Omega-6 helps give your cat a radiant coat and healthy skin.
Highly digestible so more nutrition goes to work inside your cat.
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Rated 4 out of 5 by 7974 reviewers.

  • Great food, but don't buy it here!
    This is a great cat food with chicken as the first ingredient, and also has brewer's rice, which is one of the better grains for cats. However, PetCareRx has failed to update the product information and their price is stupid expensive. It is now Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken, and I can buy a 22 pound bag of this at Wal-Mart for the same price PetCareRx is charging for the 16 pound bag. I have given the low rating because of the price on this website ... otherwise this food gets a five (5) star rating. by on 02/08/2018
  • Purina One
    As soon as I put the sample in the cat dish my three cats are it all up. They loved it. by on 07/15/2016
  • Yum
    Oh how my cat enjoyed this cat food. Will definitely be buying this as well as the one I us now. by on 07/15/2016
  • Chicken
    Yes, I would recommend this product to a family and friend by on 07/15/2016
  • Cat loved it
    My cat gobbled this up uber fast. I added it to his old food and he ate this first! by on 07/15/2016
  • My cats are picky
    My cats prefer their old food compared to any other kind but one of them enjoyed this. by on 07/15/2016