NEO-PREDEF with Tetracaine Powder
NEO-PREDEF with Tetracaine Powder
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At a Glance
Relieves allergic skin conditions in pets
Anti-inflammatory ingredients relieve pain and itching
Easily applied topical powder

NEO-PREDEF with Tetracaine Powder

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At a Glance
Relieves allergic skin conditions in pets
Anti-inflammatory ingredients relieve pain and itching
Easily applied topical powder

When your pet has an infection, you not only want to treat it, you want to soothe your pet's symptoms. NEO-PREDEF with Tetracaine Powder contains an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory, and an anesthetic for treatment of ear and skin infections, as well as some dermatitis conditions responsive to the active ingredients. So NEO-PREDEF does more than treat the infection; it also delivers much-needed relief to your cat, dog, and even horse.
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What Happens if My Dog Licks Neo-Predef?

Neo-Predef is a topical medication that's available in the form of a powder. It's used to treat a wide range of ear and skin conditions in cats, dogs, and horses. Also, it helps relieve dermatitis conditions, including acute moist dermatitis and interdigital dermatitis. You must keep in mind that the medication is solely meant for topical application. Its active ingredients include neomycin sulfate (antibiotic), isoflupredone acetate (corticosteroid), and tetracaine (topical anesthetic). If your dog happens to ingest Neo-Predef, it can cause adverse reactions, such as diarrhea, vomiting, excessive thirst, frequent urination, increased appetite, and weight gain. It could also lead to behavioral changes in your dogs. So, if your dog accidentally licks Neo-Predef, make sure you book an appointment with your veterinarian.

Is Neo-Predef a Steroid?

Neo-Predef is a topical medication containing an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory agent, and an anesthetic. The anti-inflammatory ingredient present in Neo-Predef is isoflupredone acetate, which is a corticosteroid. It's extremely effective in relieving ear and skin infections in cats, dogs, and horses. Also, Neo-Predef with Tetracaine Powder is used for the treatment of acute otitis externa, acute moist dermatitis, and interdigital dermatitis in cats and dogs. Make sure you consult your vet before getting Neo-Predef antibacterial topical powder for your pet.

What Is Neo-Predef Used For?

Neo-Predef is an antibacterial topical powder prescribed by veterinarians to treat ear and skin infections in cats, dogs, and horses. Apart from antibiotic medication (neomycin sulfate), Neo-Predef also contains an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid (isoflupredone acetate) and a topical anesthetic (tetracaine). Neo-Predef helps relieve pain, irritation, and discomfort associated with these conditions. Also, it's used for the treatment of a wide range of dermatitis conditions in cats and dogs. These include acute moist dermatitis, acute otitis externa, and interdigital dermatitis. Moreover, it can be used to dress wounds, cuts, and abrasions, as well as reduce pain and inflammation after a surgical procedure.

How Do You Administer Neo-Predef Powder?

You should exercise extreme caution while administering Neo-Predef with Tetracaine Powder to your dog. Start by cleaning and wiping the affected area. If you need to apply the topical medication to your dog's ear, make sure you clean the external ear canal, and check for any damage to the tympanic membrane. Once you're done cleaning, lightly squeeze the sides of the container to apply Neo-Predef antibacterial topical powder to the affected area. A single application of Neo-Predef every day works for most pets. But it's a good idea to consult a licensed vet to determine how frequently you should administer it to your pet.

Is Neomycin Safe to Use on Dogs?

Yes. Neomycin sulfate is a powerful antibiotic that's safe for topical application on dogs. It helps treat ear and skin infections, as well as dermatitis conditions in dogs. It is, however, worth noting that neomycin can cause side effects, such as redness, swelling, and irritation. So, make sure you consult your vet before applying neomycin to your dog's skin. Also, talk to your vet if any of the side effects persist for longer than a couple of days. Make sure your dog doesn't ingest the medication.

Is Tetracaine Safe for Dogs?

Tetracaine is absolutely safe for superficial/topical use on dogs. It's a potent anesthetic that helps relieve pain and irritation associated with ear/skin infections and dermatitis conditions. Also, tetracaine powder can be used as a superficial dressing for wounds, cuts, and lacerations. Vets often use tetracaine to relieve post-surgical pain and inflammation as well. Nevertheless, it's worth mentioning that the medication is only safe for external use. Also, you must talk to your vet before administering tetracaine powder to your dog.

Do I Need a Prescription for Neo-Predef Powder?

Yes. According to federal laws in the U.S., you need a prescription from a licensed veterinarian to purchase Neo-Predef with Tetracaine Powder from any pet pharmacy. Make sure you accurately describe your pet's symptoms to help your vet determine whether Neo-Predef is suitable for treating their condition. Also, talk to your vet regarding how often and for how long you need to administer Neo-Predef to your pet.

Neomycin (antibiotic), isoflupredone (corticosteroid), and tetracaine (topical anesthetic)

May include redness, irritation or swelling. If this persists or increases, discontinue use and speak to your veterinarian to redetermine diagnosis.

Certain precautions must be followed before administering the medicine to the pet. Prior to applying the medication into the ear, thoroughly examine the external ear canal in order to determine that the tympanic membrane is not destroyed, and to avoid any probable chances of transmitting the infection to the middle ear as well as to prevent damage to the cochlea or vestibular apparatus caused by prolonged contact. In case of an abnormality in hearing or vestibular dysfunction during the course of the treatment, immediately discontinue the use of Neo-Predef with Tetracaine Powder.ย 

Neo-Predef with Tetracaine Powder is used mainly in the treatment of certain harmful ear and skin conditions in dogs, cats and horses, which is caused by neomycin-susceptible organisms or allergies. Neo-Predef Powder is a potent combination of neomycin sulfate, an antibiotic, isoflupredone acetate, an anti-inflammatory agent, and the topical anesthetic, tetracaine. In addition, it is also used as a superficial dressing on small cuts, wounds, lacerations, abrasions, and for post-surgical procedures to lessen pain and inflammatory reactions. This drug also plays a vital role in the treatment of acute otitis externa, acute moist dermatitis, and interdigital dermatitis in dogs and cats. Neo-Predef with Tetracaine Powder might give rise to certain side effects. If the condition of the pet does not improve within two or three days or if redness, irritation or swelling still persists, a proper diagnosis should be carried out once again and relevant therapeutic measures initiated.

Use as directed by your veterinarian.

Neo-Predef with Tetracaine Powder is generally available in 15 grams plastic insufflator bottles. In most cases, a single daily application is enough. After cleansing the affected area, NEO-PREDEF with Tetracaine Powder is applied by compressing the sides of the container with short, sharp squeezes. In most instances a single daily application will be sufficient; however, it may be applied one to three times daily, as required.

Store in a dry place at controlled room temperature 68ยฐ to 77ยฐF (20ยฐ to 25ยฐC).

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