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Gentamicin Sulfate Ophthalmic Solution is a prescription medicine for veterinary use in dogs, cats, and horses. It is a sterile ophthalmic antibiotic used in the treatment of conjunctivitis caused by susceptible bacteria. It can also be used to treat other bacterial infections of the eye.... Read More



Rated 5 out of 5 by 3 reviewers.

Good Eye Med

It is a good med. i like how my kitty healed alot quicker then it did on another cat eye med. i want to reccomend it to other peple who have cats with eye problems that are ocuring. by on 03/26/2008
major eye infection

I was away for a week and had my Buddy boarded. Upon returning my boy's eye was so advanced with infection the eye ball was white, no pupil. The vet prescribed the solution and praise God in worked and was clear w/in 2 weeks by on 08/22/2007
blind in one eye and cant hardley see out of the other....

I have a shih tzu 14 years young!!! he still plays and eats well very very spoiled.. He has a eye problem and i have be trating him with this med for a long time and really works for him. It cleared his eye up in about 3 days and if I forget to give him his med his eye gets matted right away. so I know it works. *This is a prescription item by on 04/04/2005
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