Your Yorkshire Terrier Facts, A Tiny Dog With A Big Personality

Why This Breed Is So Beloved

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Is the Yorkshire Terrier right for you?

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    Yorkshire Terrier dogs are small, with attractive two-toned coats.

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    Yorkies, as they are often called, are determined and energetic dogs.

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    They require regular grooming to maintain their long coats.


Despite what you might think upon looking at one of these cuties, these dogs were originally bred in England with the purpose of hunting badgers, foxes, rats, and mice. The result of some crossbreeding, the specifics of their origin are still a little foggy, but they are believed to be a mix of Skye, Dandie Dinmont, Manchester, Maltese, and Clydesdale Terriers. Miniaturized over the years, the original Yorkies were substantially larger than the breed we know today. They were first recognized by the AKC in 1885.

quick facts

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    From 12- 15 years

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height

    Usually 8 inches or under

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    Male Weight

    Can range up to 7 lbs

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    Female Height

    7 inches or under

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    Female Weight

    Can range up to 7 lbs

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    Litter Size

    Up to 5 puppies in a litter


A high-spirited and intelligent breed, the Yorkie is confident, loyal, and brave; sometimes it seems like they are unaware of how little they are. That being said, these dogs should not be allowed to get away with things a larger dog wouldn’t, otherwise they may think themselves the leader of the pack. Also, be aware of their tendency to be aggressive toward small animals and other dogs. They are, however, very easily trained, and with surefooted leadership, this tiny dog can be a fantastic companion.


Yorkshire Terriers are exclusively blue and tan. Yorkshire puppies are born black and tan, gradually attaining their blue and tan coloration as they mature.

health concerns

Certain genetic disorders have been found in Yorkshire Terriers, including:

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