Ten Smallest Canines You Can Fit in Your Purse!

Ten Smallest Canines You Can Fit in Your Purse!

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Owning a dog is a huge responsibility; as good as having a child. You canโ€™t leave them alone at home all the time, and they are too big to be carried everywhere. What if you could carry them around? How cute would it be to find a dog that fits in your purse?

  • s are one of the smallest dogs in the world with a huge personality. They are brave, determined, energetic, and adventurous. They are described as being very affectionate and loving.
  • Brussels Griffon is one breed that has a permanent look of surprise on the face. They have a pouty little mouth that makes them look adorable all the time.
  • Shih Tzu belongs to the toy group which are typically sociable, trusting, and lively. If they are taken care of, they live for ten to sixteen years. They are great companion dogs as they are very friendly.
  • Japanese Chin is that breed of dogs that make you want to give them a hug. These pooches are sad looking and not very active. They are described as true aristocrats for they are charming, loving, and agile. Though they enjoy occasional walks, they would rather cuddle on your lap.
  • Papillons are adorable little pooches that run around like a mouse. They get their name from their unique butterfly-wings kind of ears that stick out and are visible from the back as well. These delightful canines were once the favored dog of the Queen of Europe.
  • Pekingese are beautiful long-haired dogs that were once held sacred in China. These dogs are regal in nature and grow up to seven inches tall. Even with all the hair, they require grooming only once a week.
  • Chihuahuas are great apartment dogs that grow up to seven inches tall and weigh around three to six pounds. They are extremely intelligent and smart and make a great companion. There is no list of smallest dog breeds without Chihuahua in it.
  • Maltese are adorable toy dogs that always manage to win anyone's heart. They have long, beautiful hair, and they weigh up to seven pounds. They make the prettiest lap dogs ever. You shouldn't be fooled by their looks; these dogs are adaptable because of which they survived three millennia.
  • Chinese Crested is yet another toy breed that is funny and loves to please their owners. They come in two varieties, powderpuff and hairless. These dogs are said to be cat-like as they enjoy sitting in high places or behind a couch or chairs.

English Toy Spaniels are known for being affectionate and merry. These spaniels are very alert and curious. They get along great with children as well as with other animals and hence make an adorable pet.

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