About Yorkshire Terriers

About Yorkshire Terriers

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Yorkshire terriers are highly intelligent little dogs filled with energy and affection. Learn more about these cute pets here.

Yorkshire terriers are energetic, confident toy dogs.

Yorkshire terriers, commonly known as Yorkies are exuberant, loving and intelligent little dogs. They originated in Yorkshire County, England during the nineteenth century and were bred by textile mill workers and coal miners for hunting rats. Their inbred hunting instincts survived through the years and influence the behavior of Yorkshire terriers today. Though small in stature, they take their watchdog responsibilities seriously and are very vocal about it. Yorkies are brave and loyal but also enjoy endless hours of playtime. They crave love and affection from their family and become lonely when left alone.


Confidence emanates from Yorkshire terriers as they walk with a self-important air. Even with their small size, they have the confidence to take on a larger dog. Their self-assured nature also adds to their possessiveness. Yorkshire terriers know their own toys and let other dogs know to keep away from their treasures.


Curiosity can sometimes get Yorkies into trouble. An open door means excitement and adventure to a Yorkshire terrier and they usually make a dash for the door. With their small size, speed and curiosity, Yorkshire terriers do better in a fenced area or on a leash when they are outside.


Yorkshire terriers are family dogs that enjoy company, thriving on daily interaction and attention. They are loyal and affectionate, making them ideal companion pets for the whole family. Yorkshire terriers can suffer from separation anxiety when the family leaves the house because of the strong bond they form with family members.


Yorkshire terriers have never-ending energy. They are willing to play fetch or tug as long as you can hold out, which makes them wonderful dogs for children who can play with them for hours. Although their energy level is high, they are content to snuggle in your lap during quiet times. Their energy level also makes them ideal dogs for participating in performance events like agility or flyball. Their determination allows them to complete an agility course with speed and accuracy, giving them a sense of accomplishment.


Yorkies are intelligent and learn quickly. Because of their intelligence, keeping them focused and busy is essential. They aim to please and enjoy any activities that keep them thinking. Problem-solving games like hide and seek or puzzle toys keep Yorkshire terriers alert and mentally stimulated.

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Yorkshire Terrier
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