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IS THE Manchester Terrier RIGHT FOR YOU?

  • 1 Manchester Terriers are well known for their lively, intelligent, and creative nature.
  • 2 Manchester Terriers are eager to please and love their masters.
  • 3 It is not safe to have small, non-canine pets around Manchester Terrier dogs.
  • 4 Manchester puppies need to be socialized with children to encourage tolerance.


Developed in the 19th century in Manchester to hunt rats and other vermin, the Manchester Terrier comes from the Black and Tan Terrier and the Whippet. Their claim to fame is being regarded as the most efficient rat hunting breed, having set the bar pretty high with one Manchester Terrier killing 100 rats in under seven minutes. Today, the Manchester Terrier can be found in two sizes -- Standard and Toy. Now thought of primarily as a companion dog, the Toy is only suited for being a pal, while the Standard is still capable of striking terror in the hearts of rats.

Quick Facts

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    15 - 16 years

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height

    15-16 inches (39-40 cm.)

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    Male Weight

    18 pounds (8 kg.)

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    Female Height

    15-16 inches (39-40 cm.)

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    Female Weight

    17 pounds (7.7 kg.)

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    Litter Size

    2 to 4


The Manchester Terrier is a vibrant, smart, strong, nimble breed that is willing and able to learn and loves to take instruction. They love to play games where they get to show off their speed and ability. They are a devoted companion, to the point where they will get destructive if left alone for extended periods of time. They need to be trained and socialized early to prevent them from becoming snappy and stubborn. They are good with children if they grow up around them, but are not safe to be around non-canine pets. They may also be aggressive towards other dogs. .


The Manchester Terrier is only ever black and tan in color, like a Pinscher.

Health Concerns

The health concerns that are associated with the Manchester Terrier are:

  • heat bumps
  • Von Willebrandโ€™s disease
  • glaucoma

The Manchester Terrier is a tiny, athletically built, muscular dog. Their head is pointed and angular, giving them a sleek look. Their ears are slightly drooped and occasionally cropped into large, triangular points. Their tail tapers toward the tip, like a short whip, which is held down by their hind legs. Their coat is short but dense, with the same black and tan coloration of a Doberman.

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