Why Does Your Dog Follow You Everywhere?

Why Does Your Dog Follow You Everywhere?

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Dogs are mischievous, loyal, and lovable little balls of fur. They keep us feeling young with their playful and energetic ways. We all love our dogs because they are wonderful creatures. But sometimes, they can come off as a little bit of a shadow.If you have a dog, youโ€™ll notice that itโ€™s very rare that he leaves your side. No matter the activity youโ€™re doing, you can count on him to always be there. Much like a shadow. Even while youโ€™re showering! You can find your dog sitting at the foot of the bath, just calmly waiting for you to finish your shower. You can find him cozily curled up on his favorite kitchen chair while youโ€™re cooking. While many people find this behavior adorable, it could also come off as irritating. Here are a few reasons why your dog is trailing you all the time.

  1. He has separation anxietyThis is the kind of anxiety that your dog might experience every time youโ€™re out of sight. Symptoms that suggest your dog has separation anxiety include excessive salivation, barking, scratching, destroying furniture, or simply whining when heโ€™s separated from you. If this, in fact, is the reason why your dog follows you around everywhere, you might want to look into different training options to fix this problem.
  2. He has imprinted on you.If youโ€™re the first person your dog saw after he was born, thereโ€™s a good chance that he imprinted on you. He sees you as somewhat of a mother. If youโ€™re overly caring or friendly with a puppy of 3 to 12 weeks, thereโ€™s a good chance that he has imprinted on you. Once he has imprinted on you, he comes to rely on your quite heavily. He will see you as a source of companionship and security.
  3. He enjoys your company.Dogs also have the same feel good hormones as humans do. Your dogโ€™s brain releases oxytocin when he is with you. We all know that dogs are evolved from wolves. They have become domesticated but they still have their ancestral instincts intact. Similar to how wolves prefer the company of their pack, your dog prefers your company. In his mind, youโ€™re part of his pack.
  4. Heโ€™s curious.Dogs are generally curious creatures. If you own a dog, chances are youโ€™ve found him in places he shouldnโ€™t be on more than one occasion. Even if youโ€™re just leaving the bed or couch for a second, he still wonders about where youโ€™re wandering off to and whether youโ€™ll return with treats. If heโ€™s curious enough, heโ€™ll come after you just to find out where youโ€™re going.

If you think your dog might be experiencing separation anxiety, then you should make an appointment with your vet to talk about your options. If anxiety is not the issue here, then your dog is perfectly fine. He just loves you too much.

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