Dog Breeds that you can actually Travel with

Dog Breeds that you can actually Travel with

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Whether it is going on a road trip or flying to another country on vacation, you want to share the experience with your best friend. Dogs do not just make great companions at home, they are also wonderful travel buddies. Unlike humans, they do not complain or make you change plans, which is why you should rather plan a trip with your canine buddy. Here are some dog breeds that make amazing travel partners.

  1. ChihuahuaThese dogs are travel size, no larger than a regular utilities bag. Given their size, Chihuahuas do not take a lot of space, so all you will need is a small carrier. They also do not need large quantities of food, which gives you the freedom to travel light.
  2. BeagleThese adorable medium-sized dogs are a lot of fun to travel with. They are loyal and energetic, so you will not get bored during the trip. Beagles also have a great sense of direction and always shadow their owners, so you do not have to worry about your pet wandering off.
  3. Labrador RetrieverThese large, cuddly dogs love adventure as much as they love their humans. Although your Labrador cannot fit into a small carrier, they are still rearing to follow you anywhere. These dogs are obedient and loyal, so you never have to worry about your Labrador misbehaving during the trip.
  4. PomeranianThese fuzzy cuties are amazing travel companions because of their no-nonsense attitude. They are well-behaved as they are adorable. Pomeranians are small and non-fussy dogs, so you can take them anywhere.
  5. DachshundThese adorable wiener dogs make journeys a lot more interesting because they love exercise and adventure. Dachshunds are small and low-maintenance dogs, but they can sometimes get annoyed by children or strangers. It is best to keep this fellow inside his carrier during the journey.
  6. PoodleIt is no secret that Poodles are high-maintenance dogs, but that does not mean they do not enjoy adventure. These dogs come in different sizes, so make sure you have appropriate travel plans in place. Poodles are smart and obedient dogs, so you do not have to worry about a stressful trip with these canines.
  7. German ShepherdGerman Shepherds are one of the larger breeds of dogs out there, so you will not be able to squeeze one into a small carrier on a plane. These intelligent dogs are extremely loyal and hardworking. They are always eager to please, which makes them very easy to train. German Shepherds are not easily excitable, which means you can enjoy a peaceful trip.

Your dog loves you and would want to follow you everywhere you go. Why not share your wanderlust with your canine best friend and take him along on your next trip?!

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