Should You or Should You Not Invest in a Pet Ramp?


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We, humans have the help of railings, crutches & canes when we need support while climbing or walking. Similarly, dog ramps assist those dogs in need of support. A dog ramp can be indoor or outdoor depending on the nature of function it will perform. Indoor dog ramps are used when a dog has to climb onto a couch, bed or other furniture. Outdoor ramps are used to enable dogs to enter/exit any vehicle on their own. They may also be used to ease a dog into a pool or atop a boat.

Does Your Dog Need a Dog Ramp?

Dog ramps are frequently used for old dogs with joint ailments and dogs of small breeds. These dogs lack the mobility to climb by themselves. Dog ramps also ensure that injured dogs do not add further stress to their joints. Puppies and large breed dogs too may employ these ramps because of their still developing bones and increased risk of joint problems respectively. Additionally, pups who suffer from genetic hip dysplasia may ease their troubles with a dog ramp. A dog ramp also comes handy when the owner isnโ€™t able to assist their dog into a car for whatever reason.Arthritic dogs and dogs with leg amputations benefit greatly from dog ramps. These ramps are also thought to be a great training aid for guide dogs. The dog wins points for walking upon the ramp without showing any signs of resistance.

Injuries a Dog Ramp Can Prevent

Some of the injuries that a dog ramp can prevent are-

  • Broken nails
  • Trauma to elbow joint
  • Foot pad injuries
  • Sprains to legs, wrists and shoulders
  • Slipped knee caps โ€“ caused by hopping on hind legs before jumping
  • Hip and joint stress
  • Injury to spinal cord

So, whether your dog is a hefty Great Dane, Labrador or a cuddle-sized Dachshund/Corgis, a ramp for them is a clever investment. Your pup may exhibit oodles of energy constantly jumping on and off whatever surface it finds, donโ€™t be fooled. All of this reckless jumping will start to take a toll on its health as it grows older. Jumping causes needless stress on your petโ€™s joints and may well lead to hip and joint problems. A pet ramp is the perfect accessory for your pet. Infact, it is almost a necessity. Go ahead and buy one, you wonโ€™t regret it!

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