Things You Do That Your Dog Probably Hates


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You could be doing things to your dog which is annoying it without realizing the consequence of your actions. Dogs tolerate human behavior as they are generally easygoing and tolerant. There are some activities you do that your dog secretly hates. Some are quite obvious as it struggles when you want to take it for a bath. Your dog may even be visibly depressed or upset when it does not like what you are doing.

Observation is key

Some activities, however, could be beyond the tolerance of even the most laidback of dogs. You could argue on a few of them, like taking the canine to a veterinarian. There are a lot of problem activities other than that from the view of your dog. Do remember that not all dogs are the same. A few dogs could enjoy a particular activity while others could vociferously hate it. The key to knowing what your dog likes or dislikes is careful observation.

Do not hug or prod

One of the frequent crimes people do to their dogs is to hug them. The reality is that dogs hate to get hugged, especially when it comes to strangers. To your dog, the presence of your arm around its body or neck is a sign of aggression. Yes, dogs tolerate this activity from their owners as they are familiar. This does not imply dogs like to be hugged. If you want to show affection to your dog, allow the canine to be cuddled the way it likes. Pet it along the chest or the back. Do note that some dogs would love nothing more than to be hugged. Carefully observe the body language of your dog when you lean in to hug him. If it averts eyes and moves the body away, it is uncomfortable. The other signs are licking its lips, worried look, and yawning. If your dog does any of this, do not try to hug it. Whatever you do, it is not in any way a good idea to put your hands on your dog's face. Substitute yourself in your dog's position and think about how you feel if someone puts his or her hand on your face. Do not tower over your dog or rush towards it. This is important if the dog does not know you well. If you have to prod and poke the dog for its good, like brushing its teeth, do the activity slowly and be gentle. Reward the dog with treats or praise during the activity. In case your dog exhibits aggressively fear signs or acts, do not proceed in that activity. If you do not, there is an even chance that you may get bitten.

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