Should You Take Your Pet To a Grooming Parlor?


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Salons and beauty parlors are great places to make friends, run into old friends, get things off your chest, unwind, and relax. Although beauty parlors can be somewhat of a safe haven for us humans, it might not always be the case for our pets. Any change can cause a disruption in their natural cycle and either depress them or make them overly stressed. Grooming parlors are a pretty big thing to introduce to your pet. Your cats donโ€™t really need that much additional grooming since they seem to do a pretty good job at it by themselves.Your dogs, however, need a lot more care. When you donโ€™t have time to groom him yourself, youโ€™ll have to take him to a grooming parlor. Itโ€™s something thatโ€™s undeniably inevitable. Our dogs mean the world to us and their health and well-being are of utmost importance to us. For them to be in good health, they also have to have a healthy coat and good skin. All dogs should have a proper grooming regime put in place so that their fur and skin are taken care of. Whether you do this from the comfort t of your homes, or you seek professional help, doesnโ€™t matter. What matters is the well-being of your pooch.There are advantages and disadvantages to going to a professional grooming parlor. Letโ€™s explore some of those.


The employees are all professionals who are trained in grooming dogs. Theyโ€™ve probably groomed hundreds of dogs so they have the experience and maturity to take care of any and all situations. They will also know the specific things that your dogโ€™s breed needs. They will be professional and efficient in taking care of your dog. You will never have to worry about giving your pooch a bath again. There are professionals who can do that for you. Not only will they make your dog more comfortable for his bath time, but youโ€™ll also be able to have some free time which you can use for something else.


Just like taking your dog to a grooming parlor has advantages, it also comes with some downsides. Not all dogs are social creatures. Your do might be overly frightened of the new environment and that could leave a mark. Check out the grooming parlor before you bring your dog. How friendly is it? How experienced are the workers? What are their qualifications? These are all the questions you need to voice for the health and well-being of your dog. While most dogs donโ€™t mind people touching them, some dogs get aggressive as a defense mechanism to strangers petting them. A grooming parlor might not be the best idea if your dog belongs in this category.

Safety Tips For Groomers

Grooming your dog is perhaps something very important to you if you really love your pets. Keeping your best-friend neat and tidy not only makes it more presentable, but also keeps it healthy. Regularly cleaning your pooch prevents infections and diseases. Keep the following points in mind for your own safety and the dog's safety, whether you are a professional groomer or whether you do your dog's grooming yourself.

Personal safety

Grooming a dog definitely involves risks as it can be impulsive and reflexive. One wrong touch and you can end up with a nasty bite or scratch. If you are grooming your dog yourself, make a careful note of what your dog does and doesn't like. There can be places or ways it hates to be touched, certain areas maybe a little irritating or painful. Study these patterns and take extra care while working on these areas. If you are a professional groomer, make sure you get a detailed list of 'Do's and 'Dont's from the owner. If possible, note them down for future reference and feel free to add your own points of observation.Sometimes you know that your

dog is difficult to handle

and can be a little violent, or, an owner may tell you so if you are a professional. In such instances, it is a better idea not to handle the dog if you are not confident about it. If you are, then keep bite-proof gloves and muzzles handy. Take every precaution you can. When dealing with a dog that is known to get a little violent, no amount of precautions can be enough. Make sure you are well- equipped in case things go out of hand.

Safety of the dog

Be very careful with those blades and scissors. Dogs may not be very happy about the treatment they are getting and as such may get fidgety or try to move free. This may result in undesirable nips, cuts and wounds. Take necessary precautions to keep the animal as still as possible. Keep your instruments sterilized and cleaned. This way, you will be avoiding further damage in case something does go wrong. Take special care when working around the dogs' eyes, ears, nose, throats and private organs. Be careful when grooming dogs with shaggy hair, dreads and matted locks as there is every chance that you may unknowingly hurt their skin.If you are a professional, never let the dog roam free around your premises. Gently, but firmly put it into its cage. The grooming table to the cage should be the only journey it makes as a limitless number of hazards can occur if it is roaming around freely. Make sure that before you put the dog into the cage you have dried up its hair and skin thoroughly to prevent and

infections due to moisture

. You also need to be careful when using blow-dryers to dry off the dogs.

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