Split Second Decision Saves Puppies from Being Demolished

Split Second Decision Saves Puppies from Being Demolished

Timing is crucial. Oftentimes, the difference between life and death comes down to a few seconds and a snap decision. Earlier this week, a split second observation made by a demolition crew ended up saving the lives of a

litter of puppies


The Story

It started out like any other day for this demolition crew - they pulled up to the abandoned house with their heavy machinery and were all set to start smashing the condemned residence to smithereens. All of a sudden - literally minutes before they would have started tearing things down - one of the workers heard tiny

yips and whimpers

coming from inside the home.They put a hold on tearing down the house and immediately contacted the

Michigan Humane Society

. They promptly sent down a team of rescuers to investigate the source of the distressed noises. Low and behold, upon canvassing the house, they discovered a litter of terrified puppies hidden underneath a dresser and inside a closet in the basement.


As for a mother dog, there was no sign. It looked like these puppies had spent their entire lives alone in this dank abandoned basement. As such, when the rescuers first arrived, the puppies were a bit wary of human contact.


As time went on, the puppies quickly warmed up to the rescuers and are now all well adjusted, healthy, and happy pups.

Dog-Demolition-4Watch the Rescue

How these puppies ended up in this derelict basement is still unknown, as well as the whereabouts of their mother. But one thing is certain - had the demolition crew been even marginally less concerned about the canvassing the home, or had the machinery drowned out the faint cries of the puppies, this story would have a much more morbid ending.Luckily, everything worked out perfectly. The crew noticed the whimpering, alerted a nearby shelter, got these puppies the care they needed, and then tore down the broken down hovel that would have otherwise become their tomb.


If there is any lesson in here, it is to be aware of your surroundings and to act quickly when you sense something is amiss, especially when it concerns a life. Our thanks go out to everyone at the Michigan Humane Society and the members of the demolition crew that put their job on hold to ensure that these abandoned dogs were safely removed from the premises.

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