How to Make Sure Your Pet Does Not Overheat this Summer


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As the temperatures continue to rise this summer, the number of cases of pets suffering from heat strokes is on the rise. Overheating is a huge problem which can cause severe health problems and become fatal.

Fortunately, you can take the necessary measures to ensure your pet remains cool and safe during summer. Given below are a couple of steps you can take to make sure your pet doesnโ€™t overheat this summer:

Give your pet a summer cut

If your pet has a thick coat, the high temperatures will cause a huge problem. It increases the body temperature, increasing the chances of overheating during summer. The best solution would be to give your pet a haircut, so that it remains cool, despite the rising temperature. Go to a pet grooming parlor near your location, to remove the excess fur. At the same time, you shouldnโ€™t remove all the hair from its body. It needs at least an inch of fur, to prevent it from suffering from a sunburn.

Go for a swim

The best way to beat the heat is to go for a swim with your pet. Find out if there are any animal-friendly pools near your location. You can also go to a lake or get a kiddie pool where your four-legged friend can cool down.

Make sure that your pet doesnโ€™t jump into the water directly, as sudden temperature changes can cause health problems. You also have the option of using a hose with a mist attachment to cool down your furry friend.

Only exercise/go on walks early morning and night

Summer is the best time to make sure your pet gets to enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors. However, you should avoid going for walks post morning till the sun goes down. The reason is that the asphalt tends to be extremely hot, which burns its paws.

The same applies when you want to give your pet some exercise. During the middle of the day, the hot temperatures increases the chances of your furry friend suffering from a heat stroke.

Provide easy access to clean drinking water

It is vital that your pet can drink clean drinking water at all times. Place multiple bowls throughout your household to make it easier for your furry friend. If the temperature is quite high, put ice in the water, so that your pet can enjoy a refreshing drink.

If your furry friend is going to spend a lot of time outdoors, make sure it can take rest in shaded areas. Also, avoid leaving your pet inside a parked car, as the temperatures can soar within a couple of minutes. Make sure you follow these four tips so that your pet doesnโ€™t overheat this summer!

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