Tips To Protect Your Dog’s Paws

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Through all the mischief, we sometimes forget that dogs can be sensitive, especially to extreme temperatures. They don’t wear protective foot gear like us, so their paws are left vulnerable to the weather.Here are a few tips that you could use to protect your dog’s paws.

For Summer Conditions:

In the summer,  surfaces like pavements, sidewalks, metal, wood, and asphalt can become very hot. They attract heat from the sun and store the heat for hours after the sun has gone down. These conditions are brutal for your dog’s paws. To prevent this, make sure you:

  • Test the waters.

Check whether the pavement is still hot before you take your dog on a walk. Place the inside on your hand, flat on the pavement for ten seconds. If it’s uncomfortable for you, your dog will feel the same way.

  • Stay on the grass.

Greenery doesn’t retain as much heat as man-made surfaces. You could carry your dog (if he’s small enough) to the park and avoid the bare ground and stick to the shade while you’re there.

  • Avoid heat during the day.

It takes a while for the pavement to cool after the sun has gone down. So instead of walking your dog in the middle of the day, walk him either during the early morning hours or during the late evenings.

  • Invest in disposable dog booties.

The booties keep the heat from reaching your dog’s paws. It is a great solution if you want to take your dog out for a walk in mid day. If your dog is uncomfortable wearing them, then don’t force it. You can also try baby socks to keep your dog’s paws safe.

  • Gently wash his paws.

It’s important to check your dog’s paws daily for any signs of damage. If you check his paws while washing or moisturizing, you’re taking care of three things at once. If you do find any damage to his paws, take him to the vet to see how extensive the damage is.

For Winter Conditions:

Winter is just as brutal a time as summer when it comes to your dog’s paws. If exposed to the harsh winter conditions, his paws may experience cracking, drying and frostbite. To prevent this from happening:

  • Use a protective balm.

You can prevent his paws from drying and cracking by wiping his paws with a little Vaseline or any petroleum jelly before going for a walk. You could also use cooking spray.

  • Wash his paws.

Use warm water to rinse his paws after a walk. By doing this you are warming them up and preventing frostbite.Try to take care of his feet like you take care of yours. If the conditions are too harsh for you, they are too harsh for him as well.

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