3 Tips for Keeping Your Dog's Paws Healthy and Moisturized

3 Tips for Keeping Your Dog's Paws Healthy and Moisturized

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Your dog's paws are possibly the most ignored part of their daily grooming. Almost everyone remembers to take care of their soft, shiny coat, but many miss out on their paws. Dog's paws are tough and meant to protect their joints from shocks. It is normal to find little to mild cracks in your dog's paws. However, there is only so much wear and tear your adorable pooch can take. As a responsible and loving pet owner, you need to make sure that their otherwise tough paws are not severely cracked or chaffed.

If you find the cracks and chaffing getting deeper or if your dog is in visible discomfort while walking, you need to spring into quick action. Here are three tips for keeping your dog's paws healthy and moisturized -

  1. Use paw moisturizers or butter especially made for dogs
    Do not use human body lotions on your dog's paws. Using paw moisturizers or butter made exclusively for dogs ensures that they do not make the paws too soft. Extreme softness can lead to issues too. Gently rub the paw butter evenly on your dog's paw and in between toes giving them a good massage. Make sure not to use it in excess since your dog might end up licking their paws. Repeat this two or three times a week till you notice a visible improvement.
  2. Avoid walking your dog on hot surfaces.
    Summers can be extremely brutal on your puppy's paws. Avoid walking on surfaces that tend to get extremely hot and scalding - a sand beach, tarred roads, or pavements. It helps avoid burning and blistering. In the unfortunate scene that it actually happens, quickly get your dog to a cool and shady place. Wash their paws gently with cold water and let them relax for a while. Choose to walk your dog in parks where they can play around in the grass.
  3. Take your dog to the vet in severe cases of discomfort or bleeding
    If you notice your dog in severe discomfort while walking or find them bleeding through their paws, you need to rush to the vet immediately. Before going, wash their paws with anti-bacterial soap and lightly wrap them in gauze. Do not wrap their paws tightly since that might add to their discomfort and pain. Remember, your dog needs the utmost care and attention. Following simple tips can help you take better care of your dog and your dog's paws. Making sure that their paws are healthy and well taken care of will allow your dog to be happy and active. They would easily be able to play and walk around without being in pain. Who doesn't love a happy and healthy pup anyway?
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