Paralyzed Dog Walks Again! Watch This Video

Paralyzed Dog Walks Again! Watch This Video

Sammi is your typical

Springer Spaniel

- a dog that loves to run, jump, swim, fetch, and play all sorts of games with his loving family. However, Sammi was not always this way. When he was 8-years-old, a bone grew in the middle of his spinal column, putting pressure on his spinal cord and causing him to lose functionality in his legs.A surgery was performed to remove the stray bone, but Sammiโ€™s outlook was not good. A full recovery seemed like a faraway dream. During that time, Sammi was unable to walk or move his legs - he could barely even pick up his head because of the damage done to his spine. Sammi was considered


.The surgery went about as expected, with the surgeon incapable of removing the damaging bone. Even still, Sammi was put through physical therapy in hopes of him regaining even a modicum of his former self. Electronic stimulation, electro-acupuncture, underwater treadmills, and sensory rehab were all a part of Sammiโ€™s regimine.After three months of hard work, sweat, and tears, the results of Sammiโ€™s training are in - and they are simply incredible.See for yourself:

His mom's reaction is perfect! Is that not the most amazing thing youโ€™ve seen all day?To see what it took to get Sammi to where he is today, watch this clip:

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