Weird Habits in Pet Cats


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Pet owners who have spent a lot of time with their cat might have begun to notice certain weird habits in their feline companion. Let us take a look at some of the most prevalent odd behaviors in cats and try to get to the bottom of why they do them:

  1. Kneading โ€“ If you have been with a cat long enough, you might have noticed him kneading from time to time. He will rhythmically alternate his paw and push it in and out against a sot surface. While there is no consensus as to why cats take to this behavior, there are a couple of theories. Kittens tend to instinctively knead to help their moms with producing milk. There are animal behaviorists who think that cats continue this behavior as they grow older as this tends to remind them of the rewards of nursing. Some pet trainers also believe that cats knead to show affection or to limber up and prepare a comfortable and soft spot to lie down in. It is also a handy way to mark their territory.
  2. Chewing up plants โ€“ Most of the cats chew on dangling leaves, because itโ€™s a lot of fun. They also do it because they derive a lot of comfort from the act, and it is an easy way for them to get your attention. As the old adage goes, too much of a good thing can be bad for your cat. If he eats a lot of plants or grass, he will throw up. Animal behaviorists are not sure as to whether cats do this to cough up hairballs, or whether it is just a coincidence.
  3. Bringing gifts โ€“ Cats are natural born hunters and you will see them stalking for prey from time to time. We are sure that you like bringing home delicious treats to your cat to tell him how much you love him. The furry dead animal he brings to your doorstep is no different. It is his way of telling you how much he cares about you.
  4. Rolling โ€“ You might have seen this behavior in your cat umpteen times. You approach him to say hello and he throws himself to the ground, rolls on his back and exposes his tummy to you. It actually means that they are calm, comfortable and content. If your cat does this, he is telling you that he loves you and trusts you completely.
  5. Face rubbing โ€“ The cheeks of a cat contain glands that they use to deposit their unique scent. If your cat rubs his cheeks against everything he sees, that means that he is being territorial. He is actually marking off the regions that he considers his own.
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