Blind Dog Duffy Can Finally See His Family Again

Blind Dog Duffy Can Finally See His Family Again

This isย Duffy, the formerly-blind dog. Having lost his vision to diabetes, Duffy the Irish Terrier was blind for over a year. However, thanks to the miracle of modern science, he was recently given back his sight. And he could not have been happier.

RELATED STORY: What Causes Blindness in Dogs?Watch asย he sees his family for the first time in over a year!


 Keep in mind that heย knew nothing but darkness for over a year! In the video,ย Duffy is overcome with joy at seeing his people again. Just look at that tail go!


When Duffy was adopted roughly 9 years ago, his family knew that he was a somewhat unhealthy pup. He had signs of liver disease andย the onset of diabetes was looming on the horizon.RELATED STORY: Causes of Diabetes in Your Cat or DogDuffy's condition worsened due to complications with his medication. The most devastating blow came when Duffy lost his vision. โ€œI can only imagine what went through his mind the day it all went black,โ€ said the dog'sย owner, Benjamin May, in the original Reddit post.

However, as frightening as it must have been for him to lose his sight, it must have been that much more exhilarating to have it come flooding back. You can see it in the video -- he can barely contain himself!Duffyโ€™s insulin treatment cost his family approximately $350 a month, and the surgery cost $5,000. While some think that the

amount of money spent is too high

, the May family has a different view on it. โ€œHe's happy and he makes us happy, he's family to us, you can't put a price on family,โ€ (



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