Quirky Cat Habits And What They Mean

Quirky Cat Habits And What They Mean

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Cats are not just curious, they make you curious with their quirky antics too. Well, let us tell you, all felines have weird quirks, and the same ones too, many times. Here's a look at some common weird habits that most felines share and what they mean.

Head bonks and bunting

Does your cat head-butt you often? Cats rub their cheeks and forehead, as a way of marking their territory. They share the facial pheromones with objects and people this way. It's not just a territorial marking act, it's also how they greet people they trust. So, the next time your cat head bonks you, know that he/she is just fist-bumping you saying they trust you. Also, don't get disheartened if your cat does not head bonk you, some cats like to show their trust and affection in other ways.

Chew on random objects

Does you cart take to


random objects in the house - everything from your carpets to clothing, plastic and wiring? There is nothing cute about the habit; in fact, your cat may be doing this due to a condition called pica. Sometimes it's anxiety that causes cats to develop pica. It's similar to how you fidget or bite your nails when you are anxious. It could also be from gastrointestinal disorders. Either way, if your cat has been nibbling on random inedible objects you want to get them checked at the vet's clinic.

Sleeping in a box

A classic act, cats absolutely love to jump in and fit themselves into boxes, regardless of how big or small it is, or how many other cats are in the box. This


can actually be traced back to an instinctive trait of cats. You may think it must be uncomfortable but cats love to somehow wedge themselves in impossible spaces, as it makes them feel safe and protected. It also keeps them warm. Another reason that they could be doing this is because they like to hide in small closed spaces and ambush their prey. While there may not be in any prey around, your cat may play act this hunting instinct because of how it is wired.

Imitates babies

Many pet owners report that their cat mews exactly like the baby. Well your cat is just learning how the baby speaks to you, and imitating the same. If he/she is doing that, they probably just want to converse with you. In fact, most humans talk to their pets in a similar way to how they converse with their babies. So it works both ways.Does your cat have any odd habits? Let us know in the comments section below.

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