6 Things You Do That Your Dog Probably Hates

6 Things You Do That Your Dog Probably Hates

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As a pet owner, I'm sure you know that you do things that annoy your dog. Sometimes it could be without you knowing it's irritating your dog and sometimes you know. Luckily, dogs often tolerate human behavior because they are loyal and easygoing. There are, however, some things that you do that your dog hates. You can think of a few things your dog hates because it's quite obvious. Most people know what their dogs like and donโ€™t like. Sometimes, dogs arenโ€™t shy about expressing their feelings. Other times, dogs hold back, not letting on that anything is wrong.
Itโ€™s important to know when you are doing things that your dog likes and what he/she dislikes, or things that could hurt them. Like human beings, dogs deserve respect and comfort. They also have limits. Some things cause them fear, stress, and frustration.

Here are ten things that often annoy dogs and how to avoid doing them.

  1. Your dog may not appreciate a hug.
    Not all dogs are similar, and some dogs will happily bask in any love that comes their way. While others may interpret it as a sign of dominance, or it may make them feel trapped, or restrict their movement. Your dog may not see a hug as a way of you showing love. A lovely belly rub would be a better form of affection. In the end, it depends on their personality.
  2. Pulling them away from something that they are sniffing.
    Our dogs use their olfactory senses to explore and discover the world around them. Pulling them away while they are sniffing around their environment and trying to make sense of the world, can profoundly irritate your dog.
  3. Petting your dog's face.
    Touching your dog's face is highly irritating for them. They usually tolerate it but never enjoy it. It is necessary to avoid putting your hands on your dog's face or towering over your dog. They typically assume that it is a sign of aggression.
  4. Don't confuse your dog with commands that have too many words.
    Dogs intelligent creatures, known to sense things, but they dislike complex commands. Eliminate any confusion and keep it simple with the directives that you give your dog. Use your tone, and body language to get your message across.
  5. Solitary confinement
    Upon hearing fireworks, dogs usually become intensely stressed. Most people keep their dogs indoors in as quiet a place as possible to keep them calm. But you need to make sure your dog is not alone, to make him/her feel more comfortable during this stressful period.
  6. Yelling at your dog.
    With dogs, the best way to reprimand them or teach them a lesson is by encouraging good behaviors rather than yelling at them when they are ill-behaved. They will become anxious or completely desensitized to yelling.
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