The Best Dog Bowl or Cat Dish for Your Pet The 16 Best Eating Accessories for a Fine Dining Experience

The Best Dog Bowl or Cat Dish for Your Pet

JW Pet Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl

Feeding Accessories
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If you were thinking that it might be time to upgrade from the doubled up paper plate when serving your loving pet their meals read this article for 16 great ideas for enhancing your cat or dog's dining experience.

The accessories we use for eating don’t seem that important, until we don’t have them. A good set of bowls and proper eating gear is even more important for our furry friends because they couldn’t eat with their hands even if they wanted to. A great way to encourage a new healthy diet is by making other small changes in your pet’s routine through the objects they interact with. In the interest of making your most loyal loved ones feel special, ensure that they eat in style with the best food bowls and accessories on the market.

It turns out, even amongst bowls and other eating gear, all things are not equal. Your dogs and cats may require a serving set that doesn’t make them bend so much, thus easing joint pain, or an auto-waterer that keeps them hydrated throughout the day. Don’t forget that a nice dining mat helps separate your pet from eating on the floor, and makes clean-up easier. If that old plate is looking a little less special in the wake of all this new information, then read on for some of the best and most helpful eating accessories for your dog or cat.

The Best of the Bowls

Sure, any old bowl can hold food, but we know that it makes a difference in our lives to have dishes that we enjoy and feel comfortable with, so why not treat our pets to the same simple luxury? PetCareRx has a great selection of bowls to choose from – the ones below offer something a little special.


Ethical Pet Stainless Steel Double Diner

  • Encourages eating at a standing level to lessen negative effects on joints
  • Positioned to improve digestion for dogs
  • The elegant design looks great in any environment

Metro Double Diner Ceramic – Small

  • This diner is raised to accomodate comfortable posture for a smaller pet
  • The Metro Double small is perfect for most cats and small dogs
  • Allows for better digestion, eases joint pain and comes in a lovely ceramic design

Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl

  • Designed to help your dog stop “wolfing” down their food
  • With a non-skid bottom and rust and bacteria resistant coating
  • Helps prevent bloating and digestive discomfort

Petstages Easy Meal Cat Dish

  • A cat dish saucer that helps prevent food from getting stuck in the corners
  • The ergonomic design, intended to keep whiskers clean, provides a more relaxed dining experience for your cat

Ourpets Store-N-Feed Diner

  • Designed exclusively for small pets, provides a healthy, comfortable feeding position
  • A place for both food and water in one set-up
  • Spill ridge keeps food and water off the floor

Travel Bowls

On the go with your dog or cat and you’ve got everything from a good crate to a doggy sweater or cat leash. Don’t forget to pack something to serve your pet’s food on. Even if they just get hungry for a snack in the car you shouldn’t have to feed them dry treats until you make it home. These accessories allow for fine dining on the fly.


Collapsible Travel Bowl

  • Folds down to less than 1/2" - small enough to fit in your pocket or bag
  • Expands to accommodate 8 oz. of food or water at a time
  • Durable, non-porous silicone material that is BPA free

Lixit Travel Water Bowl

  • Reduce water spills while still providing your pet water when traveling
  • Even if your pet knocks the container upside down, the entire contents will not spill out!
  • Great for car travel


Dogs and cats aren’t plants, they don’t have to be watered, but in our gadget friendly society it can be impossible for your pet to get a drink with all of the faucets and fridges and jugs that stand in their way. If you’re following your cat to the sink to get them a drink, mopping up after your dog flips the water bowl or simply looking for a better way to keep your pet hydrated than check out these auto-waterers.


Original Faucet Dog Waterer

  • The original Lixit fits most standard faucets or hoses and provides an automatic watering system that your pet can control
  • Provides a sanitary water supply with less work and worry

Van Ness Auto Waterer

  • Van Ness Auto Waterer comes in three sizes—1.5 liters, 3 liters and 6 liters
  • The product stores clean drinking water for the pet, dispensing it as per the pet’s needs
  • Comes with a spill-less valve and a removable top for easy cleaning

The Cat Mate Pet Fountain

  • Features a unique design that maximizes the appeal of drinking with plenty of water movement to ensure naturally oxygenated, cool water throughout the day
  • This product features multi-height drinking levels and a dishwasher safe design
  • The Cat Mate Pet fountain can hold up to 2 liters of water

Food Administration

Getting food from the can or bag to your pet is a journey that can be traveled by many different paths. We have tools that can help you train your pets, keep them from eating too quickly or just ensure that their food stays fresh until it is chow time.


Seek-A-Treat Shuffle Bone Iq Puzzle

  • Provides you dog with the mental stimulation they need
  • Dogs receive a reward for their achievement of finding the hidden treats
  • Bone shaped board with 10 holes for hiding treats

Pet Food Container

  • A 25-lb. storage capacity for any dried food
  • Made with 20% eco materials and made in the USA
  • Guaranteed to keep out pests and bugs and keep flavor in

5 Meal Pet Feeder

  • 5 rotating one-cup portion sections
  • Electronic timer and batteries that last a year or more
  • Suitable for both wet and dry food

Dining Mats

The dining mat is the separation between floor and eating space. Despite its lack of dimensionality it is the dog and cat’s equivalent to a table – someplace clean to eat and then easy to clean up afterwards. Maybe your pets don’t do that clean up but even you must admit, it’s nice to keep their mess confined to one space. Here are some dining mats that will transform their lives three times a day, and yours as well.

dining mat

Hungry Pet Mat

  • Omega Paw's uniquely shaped mat adds a designer's flare to a pets feeding area
  • It has been designed with a raised edge to prevent food or water from spilling onto the floor
  • Dimensions: 24" x 15.75" x .5"

Hungry Pet Mat – Cat

  • Designed with a cat’s size and eating habits in mind
  • Decorated for your cat’s enjoyment and easy recognition
  • Dimensions: 19" x 12.75" x .5"

Stay In Place Basic Mat

  • A NEW light weight version of the original Skid Stop line using the Skid Stop technology to keep the mat firmly in place even under an energetic pet
  • Saving hours of manual clean up, dishwasher friendly, and in assorted colors based on availability.
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