The Best Cat and Dog Arthritis Medicines and Pain Relief



Few things are as tough as watching your pet suffer from arthritis pain. Cat and dog arthritis often causes more discomfort in the colder months of the year, too. So what can you do when your pet starts to show the

symptoms of arthritis, like limping, difficulty laying down or getting up, or even flinching when being touched?

Cat and Dog Arthritis Medicines

Dogs and cats can take

non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to combat their pain. These medications are of the same class as Aspirin and Ibuprofen that humans take, but they're formulated for pets. Rimadyl







, and


are popular choices. Of these, only Piroxicam is intended for cats.Dogs can also benefit from intramuscular injections, or medications injected into your dog's muscles, that stop the enzymes that are destroying your dog's cartilage.

Natural Pain Relief for Dogs and Cats

Besides medications, other steps you can take to relieve your pet's arthritis pain are:1. Provide a quality

diet for arthritic pets. Keeping your pet slim as opposed to overweight will reduce any strain on your pet's joints.2. Exercise your pet to keep off extra weight. But be aware that strenuous exercise can cause increased stress on their joints. To find the right balance, consider a joint health exercise routine

.3. Give natural supplements like

glucosamine and chondroitin for dogs and cats.4. In the winter, giving your pet a heated bedย can help soothe any chill-induced arthritis pain. Coats and doggie jackets for walks are a good idea, too.

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