Medium Dog Breeds to Choose From Not Too Big and Not Too Small, These Dogs Are "Just Right"

Medium Dog Breeds to Choose From

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If you're after a dog that won't yank you over with their sheer strength on a walk, and a dog too big to be literally underfoot, take a look at this list of great medium dog breeds.

A dog’s size is one of the most important factors to consider when searching for the right breed to bring home. This is because the size of a dog has a direct impact on their lifestyle, and in turn, yours. Large dogs require a great deal of exercise, plenty of room to move around, and generally cost more than smaller dogs when it comes to food, grooming, and other expenses. Small and miniature dogs can make great companion pets, but they may not be the best fit if you want to involve your dog in outdoor activities like hiking or camping. For prospective owners who are looking for something in between, a medium dog breed may be the perfect choice. Medium sized dogs generally weigh 23-44 lbs., and there a variety of anything-but-average breeds to choose from. Below are some of the most popular.


The Basenji (pictured above) is an ancient breed that has been around for over 5,000 years. These happy and spirited dogs can be easily trained, and are always eager to please their owners. The Basenji gets along with other dogs, but they may not enjoy the company of non-canine animals or small children.


This famous hunting dog has evolved over the years into the perfect family pet. Lively, curious, and often mischievous, the Beagle thrives on companionship with their owners as well as other dogs. Be careful with your food around a Beagle -- their hunting instincts haven’t been bred out, and they are scent hounds who enjoying tracking down a tasty meal.

Border Collie

One of the most intelligent breeds, the Border Collie is highly obedient and craves attention. Their level of intelligence means that this breed needs plenty of stimulation and exercise. These dogs are not very friendly with cats or dogs of the same sex, and don’t exhibit much patience with children.

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is an ideal pet. These dogs are loyal, obedient, and very easy to train. Among dog lovers, the Boston Terrier is often referred to as the “people pleaser” for their agreeable personality and loving temperament.

Cocker Spaniel

Bred as hunting dogs and brought to the US from the UK by the late 1800s, Cocker Spaniels are today one of the most popular breeds. With long ears and penetrating eyes, these dogs are happy, adaptable, and easy to train. Early socialization will help with any tendency toward timidity that can sometimes occur in this breed.

English Springer Spaniel

This breed is lauded as the ancestor of all English hunting spaniels, and the term “springer” comes from the technique of “springing” game out from bushes and into the air. These fun-loving, sociable, and energetic dogs love outdoor activities such as games of fetch, swimming, and long walks.

French Bulldog

The stumpy and adorable French Bulldog with their signature “bat” ears is a popular choice in the medium dog breed category. These jovial, affectionate, and easy-going companion dogs enjoy daily walks, and tend to bond most closely with one special person.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Low, long, and stocky, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an outgoing, intelligent, and devoted breed. These dogs tend to be wary of strangers and have a protective streak, which makes them excellent watchdogs.


This elegant sporting breed has a slender and athletic build. Despite being affectionate, these dogs have rather independent personalities, and must be handled and trained gently. The Whippet is not too fond of strangers, but gets along easily with children and other dogs.

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