Make Halloween Mascot Costumes for Your Pets Go Team!

Make Halloween Mascot Costumes for Your Pets

Two things that are loved most in this country are our pets and our sports teams! So what better way to show your team spirit than combining the two this Halloween? Here are some fun and creative ways to turn your pet into your favorite team mascot for Halloween.

Are you a sports fan searching for a Halloween costume for your dog or cat? Look no further! Mascot costumes are the perfect choice for the #1 pet in your life. Choose your best-loved team mascot or take inspiration from one of the fan favorites listed below. We’ll share some DIY ideas and tips for putting together a winning ensemble.

DIY Pet Mascot Costume Ideas

You don’t have to get a second job to afford your pet’s Halloween costume. Many costumes can be made at home with items found around the house or purchased cheaply from the craft store. All you need is a little time and imagination.

Here are some tips for how to turn America’s favorite sports mascots into pet costumes.

Phillie Phanatic: What exactly is the Phillie Phanatic? The world may never know. But this furry green creature is an absolute favorite among sports fans. Transform your pet into this beloved mascot with a long-sleeved green t-shirt or sweater and some green felt from the craft store. Fashion the felt into a funnel (mimicking the shape of the Phanatic’s nose!), make a few loops at the bottom, and feed your pet’s collar through the loops (just like you would with an Elizabethan collar). Put the collar back on your pet and -- ta-da! -- it’s a mini Phanatic. Add a red baseball cap and a white t-shirt “jersey” to complete the look.

Mr. Met: Turn your dog or cat into Mr. Met’s baseball head using a white pillowcase stuffed with cotton balls or newspaper. Cut holes in the pillowcase for your pet’s legs, then safely seal the open end once your pet’s legs are through the holes. Use red marker to draw on the baseball’s red stitching and black marker for Mr. Met’s smiling face. Buy a cheap black baseball cap from a 99 cent store or craft store and attach it to the top of the “ball.”

Benny the Bull: Looking for another slam dunk costume? How about this vibrant Chicago Bulls mascot? Use a red t-shirt for Benny’s body and a white tank top (or white t-shirt with the sleeves cut off) for the jersey. Horns can be made out of white pipe cleaner attached to a snug-fitting headband or comfortable piece of elastic.

San Diego Chicken: The San Diego Chicken is widely known as the first ever sports mascot. This celebrated costume can be easily made using an orange t-shirt, orange and yellow feathers from the craft store, and yellow felt. Use a glue gun to attach the feathers to a t-shirt that’ll fit your dog and fold the yellow felt into a beak shape. Attach it to the top of your pet’s collar so that their head appears to be inside of the beak. Take this costume to the next level by adding a blue tank top “jersey” and yellow children’s tights for chicken legs.

Racing Sausages: Why not get some of your pet-owning friends together for a group costume? The Milwaukee Brewers Racing Sausages work best as a set, and would make for a hilarious group of dressed-up pets. Choose from the bratwurst, the Polish sausage, the Italian sausage, the hot dog, or the chorizo. Make a sausage shape out of brown cloth and attach to your pet, then include any accessories for your particular sausage. For example, if dressing your pet up as the Polish sausage, all you’ll need is sunglasses, a blue cap, and a blue and red striped shirt. Rather choose the chorizo? Easy -- just pick up a red bandana, a yellow t-shirt, and some brown construction paper to make a sombrero.

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