5 Dog Christmas Outfits for the Howl-iday Season Get Inspired with these Great DIY Costumes

dog in santa costume for christmas

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If your dog is the type who enjoys being the center of attention, well then we have some great Christmas outfit ideas. Your dog will have everyone saying "Oh How Cute!" from the moment they walk in the door. Find out how to get your guests gushing over your canine this holiday season!

Ah, Christmas. It’s that most wonderful time when everyone gets involved in the holiday cheer, including pets. According to a poll taken by the American Humane Association, 63% of dog owners give their four-legged pal a present at Christmas time, and 40% hang a dog-friendly stocking.

This year, why not take the merriment one step further and get your favorite pup into some festive holiday duds? Not only are dog Christmas outfits adorable, they are also sure to bring plenty of joy to friends and family at a time when everyone is in the spirit.

Here we’ll share some popular Christmas outfits for dogs, and some DIY tips for how to make them at home.

How to DIY Dog Christmas Outfits

Here’s the great thing about Christmas outfits -- you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your dog into one. Most can be made using items from around the house or cheap supplies from the craft store.

Always remember, however, to make sure that your dog’s Christmas outfit is safe and comfortable. Never dress your dog in anything that could cause injuries or irritation, and avoid embellishments that could be chewed up or swallowed. When it comes to pet costumes, the simplest are usually the safest.


Rudolph the Red Nose… Canine? Yes indeed, this is one of the most popular dog Christmas outfits out there. To make this outfit on the cheap, purchase some brown pipe cleaners from the craft store, fashion them into antlers, and attach to a snug-fitting headband. Then, glue a red pom-pom onto the center of the headband for the nose. A few bells attached to your dog’s collar will help your Ru-dog jingle all the way.

Christmas Elf

Every pet parent loves to see their dog as a little helper, and this folksy get-up is easy to make. Use a green t-shirt for the elf’s clothes, and make a pointy hat out of green felt from the craft store. Attach a red pom-pom to the end of the hat and you can start assigning your dog some elfish duties.

Santa Claus

Or Santa Claws, or Santa Paws, if you prefer. This most famous Christmas character makes for one cute costume. Dress your dog in a red t-shirt or sweatshirt for Santa’s coat and add a belt around the waist. Make a pointy hat out of red felt from the craft store, and attach a white pom-pom to the end. Finish with a little white felt trim around the shirt and hat to make this outfit Santa-rific.


Whether your dog is a perfect angel or not, they will radiate goodness in this classic Christmas ensemble. The halo and wings can both be made out of white pipe cleaner, or you could make the wings out of felt or paper. Attach the wings to a belt that can be buckled around your dog’s mid-section, and there you have it -- your own personal angel.

Christmas Present

Every dog is a gift, and every dog can look like one come Christmas time. All you really need for this costume is a red or green t-shirt decorated with ribbon and a bow. You could also purchase festive felt from the craft store and use pipe cleaner to shape it into something that more closely resembles a present. Just don’t try to get your dog into an actual box!

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