Cat and Dog Halloween Costumes and Tips Your Complete Guide to Halloween with Your Pet

Cat and Dog Halloween Costumes and Tips

Have all the fun and avoid all the hazards of Halloween. From treats to costumes to dangerous foods, we've got you covered. Boo!

It’s creeping through the halls of our drug stores on plastic spider legs, popping up on TV ads with wailing ghost sounds, and yes, springing to life on the web. It’s Halloween!

From pet costumes that add to the fun instead of chafe or annoy to treats that will make tails wag instead of tummies sick, Halloween as a pet parent can be a bit tough to navigate. We've covered the basics and not-so-basics, from cat and dog Halloween costumes to trick-or-treating safety tips.

Homemade and Fun Pet Halloween Costumes

Wondering what costume to pick for your pet that hasn’t been done a hundred times? Or maybe you want your pet to wear what all the cool kids are wearing! Take a look at our list of the most popular pet costumes for the last 3 years, and plan accordingly.

Make Halloween Mascot Costumes for Your Pets

Looking to save some money and DIY? With an old t-shirt, some felt, and just a little bit of time, your pet could be getting all the cheers with Halloween as your favorite sports mascot.

5 Spooky Myths About Halloween Cats

Why do so many myths surrounding cats tend to be of the spooky variety? We bust some spooky cat myths and share the truth about our feline friends.

Halloween Dogs: Heroic, Historical, and Hollywood Costumes

Instead of dressing up your dog, they could be part of your Halloween costume: ancient Chinese emperors kept Chow Chows, George Washington bred the first American Foxhounds, and a Yorkie named Yorkie Doodle Dandie served in WWII. Find out how your dog could fit into your heroic, historical, or Hollywood costume!

5 Halloween Party Games for Pets

Don’t forget to include your pets in the fun with these adorable party games. From bobbing for treats to performing tricks, your pets will enjoy the extra attention and hoopla as much as you enjoy wathcing them have fun!

5 Halloween Safety Tips for Pet Parents

Last but certainly not least, read over these 5 safety tips so you’ll all have a howlin’ good time without any mishaps.

Happy Halloween!

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