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Everyone loves long haired dog breeds. They not only look very attractive, but they are also available in all sizes. Whether you like a big long-haired dog or one that is small, there are many options available. They not only make the perfect companions, but you will love to brush their long hair as well. Here is a brief look at the top long-haired dog breeds.

The Afghan Hound

This is one of the most attractive dogs – not only because its hair is very thick and fine – but also because it is available in many colors, including black and cream, as well as red. Other than that, it is well loved for its intelligence and for its proud demeanor as well as its independence and ability to protect its master. Their coats are the same as the coats of other animals living at high altitudes. The Afghan Hound lives for between 12 and 14 years and weighs between 57 and 74 pounds. It is also between 24 and 29 inches tall.

The Yorkshire Terrier

This is a very popular long-haired dog breed. What makes it so endearing is the fact that it is easy to do up its hair in different ways, and its long fur is also soft and smooth. A Yorkie makes for an excellent watchdog, and you will love him for his determination and for his energy. However, its long hair requires quite a lot of grooming. The Yorkie lives for between 13 and 15 years and weighs between 12 and 15 pounds. it is also between eight to nine inches tall.


The Komondor has a corded coat that is mainly white in color, with some black and brown patches scattered across its body. It is a very intelligent animal that will willingly obey once you have trained it. However, it is not a very energetic dog and also does not need much exercising. The Komondor lives for between 10 and 17 years, weighs between 110 and 132 pounds, and is between 27 and 29 inches tall.


You will love the Havanese because it is a very active animal that is also very cheerful and playful at the same time. Best of all, it has a delightfully intelligent nature. You do not have to exercise it much, and it is also very pleasing to be the focus of your attention. The Havanese lives for between 13 and 15 years, weighs between 10 and 16 pounds, and is just 8 to 11 inches tall.


This is a very small animal with long hair that is straight and white in color. Having a very cheerful disposition, this animal is one of the more active dog breeds that love to play with humans and other pets. It lives for between 12 and 15 years, weighs between 6 to 8 pounds and is 8 to 9 inches tall. The good news is long-haired dog breeds can see through their long hairs, but it pays to cut their long hair in front of their eyes to prevent eye problems such a corneal ulcer and conjunctivitis. So, do pay special attention to its grooming needs.

Fluffy Dog Breeds

Sometimes it's good to be fluffy! These fluffy dog breeds all have thick double-coats which make them extra-fluffy. Fluffy fur can be straight or curly but on these dogs it tends to stick out, giving the appearance of being bigger than they actually are.

This group includes petite dogs, like the Pomeranian, but there are also several giant breeds with a very fleecy coat.

What makes the fur so fluffy is a double-coat with one coat of coarse fur that sticks straight out. Some pet parents prefer to keep fluffy fur short because it can be prone to matting or take a long time to dry after a bath. Dander and debris can also get stuck between coats. Some of these dogs (but not all) are also heavy shedders, who must shed old or damaged fur to grow new fluffy fur. If you love fluffy dogs, make sure you have the time to groom them and keep them looking their best!

American Eskimo Dog

This beautiful dog has a double white coat: a soft and plush undercoat with a thicker outer coat which sticks up to create the fluffy appearance. These friendly, loving dogs are very smart and require minimal grooming, only bi-weekly brushing with a firm bristle brush. They are not heavy shedders but will need daily brushing while shedding to keep piles of white fur off your furniture.


Pomeranians (pictured above) are tiny, toy-sized balls of fur. Loyal and eager to please, Pomeranians require more work in training and grooming. They require frequent grooming because they are constant shedders (although the undercoat is only shed once a year). Their coat should be thoroughly brushed, brushing from the hair folicicles and then up (or out) from the dog. Start from the head so that the fur falls back into place.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus may not always look fluffy when their coat is allowed to grow long, but when their fur is kept short their double-coat is very fluffy. Keeping fur short makes it much easier to groom Shih Tzus, who are very low shedders. While the short fluffy coat is easy to care for, Shih Tzus can be difficult to housebreak and also have a tendency toward Small Dog Syndrome – feeling and acting like the alpha of the family if not trained early and well.



Not all fluffy dogs have straight fur! Poodles have a thick curly fur and come in all sizes to fit all homes and lifestyles. Because they shed very little, their fur must be clipped every six to eight weeks and they need frequent baths to keep clean. You may want to choose one these popular poodle haircut styles.

Bearded Collie

“Beardies” get their name because of the long hair on their faces which is often a different color, looking like a beard. These medium-sized herding dogs are cheerful and make a great family pet, but they need daily exercise and brushing. Their shaggy and waterproof double-coat is prone to matting, so some pet parents prefer to have them clipped short every two months.

Chow Chow

Because of a mound of fur behind the head, Chow Chows look like lions, and sometimes can act more like cats than dogs. These arctic dogs can be very difficult to train unless their pet parent is firmly acting as pack leader. If training is passive, they will become stubborn, protective, and sometimes aggressive. Their thick, fluffy coat can be coarse or smooth, and they have a very heavy shedding season, so they require frequent brushing.


Keeshonds have mixed gray, black, and cream colorings, and an extra-fluffy tail. Another northern dog, Keeshonds are great with children and only need to be brushed twice to three times a week. Use a stiff bristle brush to first brush with the grain, then life the hair with a comb against the grain, and put it back in place.

Great Pyrenees

These big white dogs have a thick, weather-resistant double-coat that has made them excellent mountain sheepdogs. Great Pyrenees can be very protective and independent, not always the most obedient of dogs, but always a good watchdog, barking whenever there might be danger. These dogs shed year round, but more heavily when shedding their undercoat, and require at least weekly brushing.

Bernese Mountain Dog

These Swiss dogs are tri-colored with a mostly black body and patches of white and brown on the face, chest, and feet. Their silky double-coat requires daily to weekly brushing, and they also have a heavy shedding season. Unlike some other working dogs, Bernese are very calm and confident, but not overly dominant, so they are great for families looking for a big dog with a gentle personality.


Newfoundlands use their thick, fluffy double-coat to swim in icy waters. These dogs are also gentle, devoted dogs, but will protect a family under extreme situations, usually blocking an intruder rather than biting. Their coat requires brushing with a hard brush, but “Newfies” should avoid baths, which strip away the natural oils in their fur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which breeds of dogs have long hair?

There are several breeds of dogs that boast long and flowing locks, adding an air of elegance and charm to their appearance. The Afghan Hound is one such breed, known for its fine-textured, silky coat that flows in waves down its body. Regular grooming and care are necessary to keep its luxurious hair in excellent condition. Another breed renowned for having long, lustrous, and flowing hair is the Yorkshire Terrier. To avoid knots and matting, their luscious locks need meticulous upkeep. The Shih Tzu is a small breed with a double coat that often touches the floor and is long and silky. Regular brushing and sometimes professional grooming are necessary for their thick hair. The Tibetan-bred Lhasa Apso also possesses a long, thick coat that provides defense against the chilly mountain weather. These dogs require frequent brushing and regular trimming to keep their hair manageable. The Maltese is a toy breed with a beautiful, floor-length, and hypoallergenic coat that grows continuously. Their hair is fine and silky, and it requires diligent grooming to prevent tangling and maintain its pristine appearance. The Bearded Collie is a medium-sized herding dog with a long, thick, weather-resistant shaggy double coat.

What breed of dog has long knotted hair?

The Komondor dog breed is distinguished by its unusual and distinctive coat, which has long, corded, and knotted hair that grows into thick tassels that resemble dreadlocks. This amazing coat acts as a defense against inclement weather and potential predators by offering insulation and concealing the dog as it watches over cattle. The cords grow naturally as the silky, wavy, and curly hair of the Komondor ages and tangles. Since brushing or combing might interfere with the creation of the cords, it is a procedure that only needs little involvement. However, regular bathing is necessary to maintain the coat fresh and odor-free. The cords can take several years to develop fully, and they can reach remarkable lengths, making the Komondor appear like a walking mop. Another dog breed with corded or locked hair is the Puli. The coat of the Puli, like that of the Komondor, produces long, dense cords, like thick ropes or dreadlocks. The cords naturally form as the soft, fluffy undercoat of the Puli blends with the rougher outer coat. Early in a dog's life, the process of chord creation starts, and it lasts its entire existence. To avoid matting and maintain healthy, clean cords, diligent maintenance is necessary. Despite being shorter than those of the Komondor, the Puli's cords, nonetheless, add to the breed's unique appearance. The cords serve a practical purpose by providing insulation and protection against the elements. They also give the Puli a unique and eye-catching appearance that sets it apart from other breeds. 

What dog has the thickest coat?

The Siberian Husky is widely regarded as having the thickest coat. These canines, renowned for their resistance to subzero conditions, have a thick, double-layered coat that provides remarkable insulation. The undercoat is velvety, silky, and exceedingly dense, while the guard hairs on the outside are stiff and harsh. Huskies can survive in frigid locations thanks to this combination's powerful protection against the cold. They can endure temperatures below zero without feeling uncomfortable because of the thickness of their coats. During the warmer months, Huskies go through a natural shedding process known as "blowing their coat," in which they heavily lose their undercoat in order to acclimate to the hotter temperatures. Despite the thickness of their coat, Huskies surprisingly have self-cleaning properties. The oils in their fur help repel dirt and keep their coats relatively clean.

What dog has the longest hair in the world?

The Afghan Hound dog breed is well-known for having the world's longest hair. The Afghan Hound is renowned for its lavish, flowing coat, yet its hair can grow to remarkable lengths. When fully developed, their silky, fine-textured hair can cascade down their bodies and occasionally even follow them as they move. Although it might vary from dog to dog, a dog's hair normally reaches a length of several feet. Their silky texture and the beautiful waves that develop as the hair matures highlight the beauty of their coat. The Afghan Hound's coat requires periodic grooming to preserve its length, prevent tangles and matting, and keep it looking its best.

What dog breed has long silky hair?

Several dog breeds are known for their long and silky hair, adding to their elegance and grace. The Maltese is a breed renowned for its silky, white, floor-length coat that drapes straight and smoothly. Another breed with long, flowing, and silky hair is the Yorkshire Terrier. Their sleek, lustrous coat frequently reaches the ground. The medium- to long-haired, silky coat of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is another attractive feature. They often have smooth, lustrous hair that comes in a variety of hues and patterns. Additionally, the Afghan Hound has one of the most remarkable silky coats of any dog breed, thanks to its long, flowing, and fine-textured hair. Their hair has a velvety gloss that is well-known. These breeds, each with their unique charm, showcase the allure of long and silky hair in the canine world, making them a popular choice for those seeking dogs with flowing and elegant coats.

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