Tips For a Proper Grooming Routine For Your dog

Tips For a Proper Grooming Routine For Your dog

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A well-groomed dog is a happy and healthy dog. Many owners like to seek the help of professional groomers while many others do it by themselves.ย A proper grooming routine includes combing, brushing, bathing, trimming nails and a regular inspection of their ears and fur to check for build-ups or residues of any kind.Some owner may find these grooming sessions a bit of a challenge, especially if their dogs are big and energetic. These boys and girls don't necessarily like to sit still or for that matter, take a bath. Here are some tips that will be helpful

  • Try to use a time when your dog is calm and maybe even a little exhausted. You can choose the time after a long walk.
  • Start with short grooming sessions and then slowly increase the time so that you can fit in a proper routine.
  • Entice him/her with the promise of a treat at the end of each session. It works wonders as you will see.

Grooming varies greatly with breeds. You will find that breeds such as Dalmatians, Italian greyhounds, and Whippets do not need regular grooming while other breeds like retrievers are more difficult to maintain.

Combing and brushing routines

Short haired breeds such as beagles need to be combed and brushed only once a week while long haired breeds need to have their fur taken care of every other day. It also depends on how often and how badly your dog gets dirty. Be gentle while brushing out tangles and trim the fur wherever or whenever needed. Use soft-bristled brushes for loosening dead skin or dirt and a stiff-bristled brush to remove dead hair. Remember to brush their tails as well

Bathing your dog

Brush your dog before giving him/her a bath and also once their fur is dry. Use lukewarm water. Make sure the lather from the shampoo does not get into their eyes or ears and do a careful check of their ears. If needed, you can use a hair-dryer at low setting to dry him/her.

Trimming your dog's ย nails

This might be bit of a task. You will need to carefully examine your dog's nails for grime and dirt. While trimming, trim along the tips of their nails only and avoid cutting into the small vein within the nail. Use sharp trimmers and make sure that your dog is calm. You will need to reassure your dog by talking and petting him/her. If you feel it is too challenging, opt to go to a vet instead.Take care not to groom too less or too much and always remember that each dog is different and you may have to tweak your routine accordingly.

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