The Controversial Issue of Pet Euthanasia


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Pet euthanasia is a widely discussed and immensely controversial topic in the animal community. There are many arguments both supporting and against animal euthanasia. For example, itโ€™s acceptable to euthanize a dog or a cat if theyโ€™re suffering and euthanasia would be an end to their pain. But should we really be euthanizing healthy but stray animals? Arenโ€™t we better than that? Donโ€™t we have better systems put in place to avoid this exact same thing from happening?Animal euthanasia can be used in many different cases. Your pet might even advise you at some point to end your beloved dogโ€™s life. Because that would be the one thing that could put him out of his misery. It would be the kindest thing that you can do for you dog. Especially if heโ€™s suffering from a terminally ill disease like some sort of cancer or a heart condition.

What methods are used?

There are different methods which are used to put animals into that long deep sleep. All these methods are specifically designed to be quick and painless. Most vets use painkillers to put their animals down. A lethal dose should do it, and the pain experienced is only minimal.

Arguments surrounding this controversial issue

The majority of animal welfare groups have agreed that euthanizing an animal should purely be out of necessity, and as a medical procedure. It should be done ethically or not at all. The decision to go forward with euthanasia isnโ€™t a light one. There should be a lot of thought put into it and you should only go forward with it once youโ€™re sure that youโ€™re doing it for the well-being of the animal and not for other personal gains. If keeping them alive only serves to prolong their pain and suffering, then you have good enough reason to release them of that pain by ending their lives.You should never euthanize a dog because you want to control the animal population. That is playing God and weโ€™re mere mortals. Despite being a โ€˜last resortโ€™ for managing stay animals, it should not be resort at all. A lot of animals are put down each year, when animal shelters are full. If no one adopts Fido from the pound by the end of the week, the caretakers will have to make space for more animals by putting poor Fido down. You would never control human population using euthanasia. You would never willingly kill a child because there are already too much of those around. So why do it to our dogs and cats? They are amazing creatures that deserve all the love in the world. Letโ€™s treat these animals with respect and care, just like they do us.

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