The Perfect Easter Basket for Your Dog!


Easter Bundle 2

There are a lot of reasons Easter can be a dogโ€™s favorite holiday. First of all, just imagine how exciting it is for your distinguished hunter and guard dog to learn that the hunt is on for a giant rabbit with a basket full of eggs!So when it comes time to break the news to Fido that there isnโ€™t going to be any bunny and the eggs are for decoration, you can let them down easy with some of these awesome Easter picks for pets!

Kong Air Dog Squeaker Football

Spring is in the air and itโ€™s time to ditch the snow booties and go play in the grass. Enjoy this soft football with a game of fetch in the fresh spring air.

Tuffyโ€™s Mighty Nature Rabbit

Bring the Easter bunny to life with this soft and charming chew toy that gets the whole family into the Easter spirit. Your pooch might just choose it as their next best friend.

Merrick Venison Holiday Stew

Letโ€™s be honest, dyed eggs are only


of a complete diet. Here is an entire holiday meal in a can for your hungry pooch. Fresh, nutritious, and none too different from what you will be serving your guests at Easter dinner.

Dog Casino Treat Search Game

The fun of an Easter egg hunt is in the challenge of the search. Recreate that pleasure with this interactive dog toy. The Dog Casino Treat Search Game offers great mental stimulation for your excited pooch.

Weruva Green Eggs and Chicken

You have to get eggs in somehow on Easter, right? This protein-packed dog food is a good way to share a new type of protein with your dog.

Rawhide Lollipops

Since we know that we canโ€™t give our dogs candy โ€“ sugar is a no-no โ€“ why not gift them with the next best thing? Meat in fun candy shapes.

Happy Dog of Cape Cod Whole Elk Antler

Easter is about celebrating Spring and the beginning of a new life cycle. Nothing says seasonal and fresh like a quality piece of elk antler โ€“ naturally shed at the beginning of every spring. Your dog will appreciate the fresh taste and nutrition, and it comes from a completely sustainable source.Now get out there and celebrate! It isn't hard to appreciate a sunny day after a long winter.Learn more about

Easter Tips for You and Your Pet


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