How to Prevent Pet Obesity

How to Prevent Pet Obesity

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Pet obesity is a serious issue. A quarter of the pet population is obese or expected to turn obese in the future, according to statistics. Many pet owners think that their pets are normal weight when they are in fact overweight. It is important to recognize if your pet is obese and bring it under control at the earliest as it can aggravate other conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and


. Letโ€™s see how you can fight pet obesity as a responsible pet parent.


Treats are a necessary reward mechanism for pets, whether it is during training sessions or to reinforce good behavior. However, the calories add up, every time you reward your pet with a treat. What you want to do, give your pet treats sparingly? Try praising your pet or rewarding her with her favorite toy, instead of reaching for the treats every time. You can also swap the calorie-high treats for healthy treats, so it is a win-win.


Pet owners may end up over-feeding their pets without realizing it. The dietary requirements of each pet are different, it depends on the age, breed and activity levels. Some pet parents also end up feeding their pets more, when they beg for food. When your pet begs for food, it does not necessarily mean that he is hungry; sometimes, pets beg for food because they are bored or want your attention. What you want to do is meet the vet, and find out how much food your pet needs depending on age, lifestyle and other factors. You also want to stop feeding your pet table scraps.Your pet needs a balanced diet. Your pet may not get all the nutrition it needs to stay healthy from just one source of food. Itโ€™s good to consult a vet about any

other foods

that your pet may need to fill in those nutritional gaps. Vets often recommend specific dog food brands like Nutro Essentials Healthy Weight Dog Food for obese pets to ensure optimal nutrition without the caloric load.


Pets need their fair share of playtime and exercise. Regardless of how busy your schedule, you want to take out time to exercise your pet every day. Take your dog out for a walk every day, play a game of fetch, or teach him new tricks, so he burns some calories. You can also arrange playdates for your pet, so they get to socialize and some exercise at the same time.You want to keep a close watch on your petโ€™s weight once you start practicing these above habits, to see if there is any improvement in your petโ€™s weight. Your vet should be able to tell you as to what is the most ideal weight for your pet. You should weigh your pet at the same time, to make sure there are no discrepancies in measurement.

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