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The American Curl cat is a well-muscled animal. It has a long body when compared to the overall size. The cat, however, cannot be called large. The bones are medium sized. The American Curl is not a delicate animal. The eyes are shaped like a walnut and fixed to a wedge-shaped head. The tail of this breed is a long one. The unique feature of American Curl cats is that their ears curl backward. The ears are big and also curve on 90 degrees smooth arc. The ear has natural fur, and they are clearly observed. The ear tips are flexible, and you could touch them without complaints from the kitty. The texture of the coat is a silky one, regardless of whether the specific American Curl cat has long hair or short hair. The length of hair on long-haired American Curl cats are semi-long and not long. This breed of cat comes in all patterns or colors.

 American Curl History

The history of the  American Curl cat begins in California in 1981. Joe Ruga and Grace Ruga found a kitten which they discovered had unique characteristics. The kitten had ears which curled backward. The kitten was taken into care by the Rugas, and it was given the name Shulamith. The latter became the cornerstone of the  American Curl breed. When Shulamith gave birth to kittens, two of them had the same characteristic. Not only that, one kitten with curled ears was shorthaired and did not possess Shulamith's long coat. Car aficionados soon began to take notice of Shulamith and her kittens. The new breed, subsequently named  American Curl, came into existence. Many people were soon interested in breeding such unique cats and then exhibiting them. This breed soon earned a few championship accolades during cat shows.

Behavior The  American Curl makes a lively animal. It is interested in humans, and you will get along superbly with your cat. This breed of cat loves daily exercise. They like nothing more than to climb trees and jump from perches. If there is sufficient exercise space, this breed of cat can maintain its weight without much problem.  American Curl cats love interactive play; although it cannot be termed a lap cat, the  American Curl loves human company.  Male  American Curl can weigh in any region from eight pounds to 12 pounds. For females, the weight is much less with below eight pounds. The  American Curl can live anywhere from eight years to 13 years. The shedding tendency of this cat is a moderate one. It also has moderate attention or social needs. The cat does not require much grooming and is not a less allergenic animal.

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