What Does Your Dog's Urine Say About His/Her Health?


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Urine or the end product of the urinary system in the body often acts as an indicator of health. Doctors study urine samples to draw conclusions about the health of an individual. Urine and stool samples can reveal a lot about an animalโ€™s health too. Even if there are no physical signs that indicate illness, studying stool and urine samples can give a better insight about the health.Below is a list of different urine colors and what they indicate in a dog.

  1. Clear to light yellowThe color of urine in a healthy dog should be light yellow. It is an indication that the dog is not suffering from any kind of illness. If the urine completely lacks water, then it means your dog is drinking excess water or the urine is not getting concentrated enough. Clear urine is not a good sign and you should consider consulting a vet.
  2. Bright or dark yellowBright or dark yellow urine indicates dehydration or other illness involving the loss of water from the body. It is a sign that the urine is too concentrated. Make sure clear and fresh drinking water is available to your pet at all times. Also, donโ€™t add anything extra to the water as your dog might be avoiding the water because of the smell it gives out.
  3. Any other color other than yellowIf you find your dogโ€™s urine to be of any other color like brown, orange or even red, then it is a cause for concern and you should take your dog to the vet immediately. Brown and orange colors are indicators of myoglobin, a protein that the muscles release when the body is stressed. Red urine is a sign of bleeding and is a serious condition.

Urine tests can reveal a lot about your dogโ€™s body. The urine is measured for various substances that might be present in the sample. The sample is tested for things like acidity, sugar, blood, ketone and a variety of other substances. Any irregularities in the normal level of the substances in the urine will indicate illness. For ex., a high level of sugar will reveal diabetes or presence of protein will reveal bacterial infection.


Sometimes it is hard to say whether a dog is ill or not by looking at his/her physical appearance. A urine sample analysis can reveal a lot about health. In fact, just by looking at the color of the urine, one can tell whether the dog is sick or not. Normal urine color should be light yellow. Any deviation from that color is an indication of health problems and should be taken to the vet for a health check-up.

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