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Human Food for Cats Infographic: Safe Snacks for Fluffy

Which Table Foods Are OK for Fluffy?

By February 19, 2014 | See Comments

Cat eating meat off the counter

There's a lot of "people food" out there that cats cannot eat. And though cats are not as apt to sample as dogs, if the opportunity presents itself, your cat might nibble on something they shouldn't. Check out this handy infographic on which snacks are ok to share -- and which are not.

Anyone who has a cat will tell you: they are like little ninjas, traversing any obstacle put in front of them. They are also notoriously curious.

While these characteristics are a big part of what makes them so lovable, it also means that, though they may not exhibit the same enthusiasm for scarfing down strange foods as dogs do, cats can get into foods they shouldn't.

It's important to know which foods around your house are potentially dangerous to your cat -- and there more than a few. This infographic gives an overview of the most common safe and unsafe human foods for cats.

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Cats, being obligate carnivores, should be fed lean meat or boxed, dry cat food. Additionally, cats need a rich grass to aid illness or assist digestion. I have a number of cats that are willing to take a piece of just about anything, yet as the info graphic displays, the safer foods are on the left. I doubt the feeding of spinach however as it is quite high in vitamin K.


Salt is no worse for cats than it is for humans. The best advice is to limit it, but it can be useful to persuade Mittens to eat a dinner that she may otherwise reject.

Most cats cannot digest cows' milk properly, but many others can; it's not poisonous the way that chocolate, onions and garlic are to cats.

It's best to limit the amount of tuna cats get; it contains mercury which even in very moderate quantities is as dangerous to cats as it is to humans.

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