What is Catnip? - A Handy Infographic Cats Love It, but Do You Know Why? Find Out Here

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We know that cats go bananas for the stuff, and that the catnip plant is found in pet shops across the globe, but why do cats love these leaves so much? What is it about catnip that cats go so cuckoo for it? This handy infographic should answer all of your questions.

The catnip plant is widely known about, but rarely understood. It is known that cats love to sniff, nibble, and roll around in it, but do you have any idea why? If you are like most people out there, then you are pretty much in the dark.

While much of what entices cats to this particular strain of vegetation is still not understood, there are more than a few interesting tidbits of information out there that can help give you a better idea of what catnip is, how it works, and why your cats cannot get enough of the stuff.

What is Catnip: An Infographic

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