How to Keep Your Cat Entertained While You Are Away?


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Pet owners face a lot of separation anxiety when they have to leave their cats alone โ€“ most of it has nothing to do with the cat themselves, but with their own feelings of guilt about the fact that they have to leave their cats to fend for themselves. Here are a few ways you can keep your cats occupied while you are away; after all, they cannot nap all day long.

  1. Build a fun zone โ€“ Whenever your cat is ready to play, he needs to have a zone that is exclusively dedicated for that purpose. That does not mean that you need to have an extra room for that purpose. Just a window or a room corner will suffice. Set up a nice scratching post that is designed for claw and climbing exercises. If there is a perch that overlooks the backyard, it will give your cat a lot of free and mundane entertainment. Go for a DIY hack by building a sitting ledge on the window sill using brackets, a shelf and some fabric. If you donโ€™t have the time to build one yourself, you can purchase a perch online. You can also build an enclosure outside the window so that your cat feels like he his outdoors while he is still within the confines of the house.
  2. Get a play buddy โ€“ If your cat is a lonely child, then you might want to consider adopting a feline sister or brother for him. It can be quite difficult to integrate a new pet into your household, especially if your cat is used to being alone. However, there is no denying the fact that it is worth the effort to get a companion for your cat. When two cats hit it on, playtime is sure to be productive and a lot of fun. Between the two of them, they will invent games of their own even if you are not at home to witness it when it happens.
  3. Snacks and puzzles โ€“ If your cat loves treats and snacks, treat puzzle toys are a great way to keep him busy. These usually are in the form of ball shaped toys that are stuffed with treats which are released only when your cat figures out how to undo the catch. It is perfect for stimulating both the muscles and the brain of your cat.
  4. Soothing sounds โ€“ If you have ever observed your cat responding to different styles of music, you can get more of it and set up a playlist for him while you are away. If you are not sure, classical music is always a good choice. Stick with the softer pieces that featuring strings and piano more than drums and trumpets. Meditation music is a good choice as well. Just donโ€™t be surprised if you come back home and find your cat in the lotus pose.

Cats love spending time alone. They like to take their time to rest after spending the night resting. But that does not mean that visual distraction, extra toys, companions or music will not help them with it.

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