How to Winter Shop for your Cat?


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Winter is finally here, but is your home winter-proofed for your furry feline? Did you know that cats, whether they're furry or not, prefer to stay warm and cozy? In fact, they continuously search for places that help them stay balmy. This rule applies to feral cats as well, so don't be surprised if you notice your outdoor kitty taking a snooze in the garage or under a pile of autumn leaves.

Since temperatures do plummet significantly during the winter, it's essential to winter shop for your cat.

Here are some essential items that your kitty will need this winter:

1) Heated Cat Bed

Due to global warming, many places are seeing record-breaking temperatures. The best way to beat the cold is by providing your cat with a warm place to sleep and rest. A heated cat bed will keep your kitty nice and toasty. This is necessary for older felines and especially for those with arthritis as joint inflammation is rampant during the cold season. Cat beds are meant for indoor use. Plug them in and watch little Felix make himself cozy in his new bed.

2) Plush Bed

A plush bed is another excellent option for indoor cats during the winter season. It will keep your feline very warm without the need to plug it in. Some plush beds have a 2-in-1 option where the bed also acts like a cat mat. Plush beds are waterproof, windproof, and very inviting.

3) Laser Pointers

Cats get bored too. In the winter, they will need exercise to keep them engaged and challenged. When temperatures plummet, the last thing you want to do is get out of bed; the same thing occurs with cats. Before your feline gets overweight and bored, consider getting a laser pointer. This is the perfect winter accessory to keep your cat moving around. Simply point and press the laser. Your cat will surely run around and chase the light.

4) Cat Jacket

Even though your feline has lots of furs to help keep it warm, it will still feel cold. Many cats have a thick coat, so it's not necessary for them to wear cat clothes. However, if you have short fur or a hairless feline, a cat jacket will definitely be helpful in regulating their body temperature. Your cat can wear this indoors during the winter season.

5) Walking Vest

Some cats like to 'walk' outdoors, but this can feel difficult in the winter. A cat walking vest is the best accessory for your walking cat. It's simply a harness that's attached to the body of your cat with a leash that extends from it. It will help you manage your kitty outside, preventing him from escaping. Just be sure to try it out in the house before using it outside. Your cat may need time adjusting to the vest. Winter shopping for your cat is easy and fun. With these essential items, you and your feline can make the most of this beautiful season.

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