3 Fun Games to Play With Your Cat

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While it may seem like so much of a cat's life is spent in slumber, the truth is that without exercise, play, and physical activities, cats will grow sluggish. And just like if you were to spend a significant amount of time (ahem, Winter, I'm looking at you) neglecting exercise and oversleeping, a lack of physical activity will have an impact on a cat's mental state, as well as potentially causing physical health to deteriorate. More than that: Cats love to play! While most indoor cats just need to wait for food to appear, the urge to hunt is in their genes. Keep your cat entertained and well-exercised with these three fun games to play with your cat.

Chasing Shadows, Lights, and Laser Pointers

It's a common occurrence in my home: I'll be typing away at my laptop, talking with my hands, or doing some other mundane task, and my cat will suddenly start jumping and clawing at the wall. Her ways are generally mysterious, but over time, I've figured out that usually this is a result of sunlight glinting off the face of my watch, creating a silvery-bright shadow on the wall. Instead of allowing this game to occur only when bright light and happenstance allows, get a laser pointer or flashlight, or set up the light so that you can use your hands or toys to create intriguing shadows. Most likely, your cat -- like mine -- will thrill to this entertainment!



Spotbrights Laser Pet Toy

Make Toys Bird- or Mouse-Like

You know how your cat delights in watching the birds? Would happily chase after a mouse if one were foolish enough to make its way in your home? Instead of just throwing toys along the floor, interact with the toys so that they fly in like birds and skitter along like mice. Think: How would a mouse behave? Would it hide? And what about a bird: Would it fly up in the air unexpectedly? A toy on a string can help you mimic this activity.



Chew Toys for Cats

Cat in a Box

With all the toys out there, sometimes your cat is never more entertained than a box -- or a brown paper bag, with its tantalizing crinkle and movement. Put some catnip inside to tempt your cat to explore. Toys can go inside too for entertainment -- pull them out on a  string to heighten your cat's enjoyment. Or nudge the outside of the bag or box gently to get cats moving and exercising their pouncing abilities.



How to Play With Your CatRemember, when you're playing with your cat, if you're getting bored, your cat may very well be sick of the game as well. It's fine to limit playtime to just ten or fifteen minutes. And, while you shouldn't make it easy, it's nice to let your cat " win" occasionally, whether that means finding the toy or capturing the string, just to keep them feeling excited and enthusiastic about playing.>


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