Why Firecrackers Donโ€™t Excite Our Furry Friends

Why Firecrackers Donโ€™t Excite Our Furry Friends

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Diwali is supposed to be the festival of lights and calls for a celebration, but sadly, it is far from exciting for our furry friends. As we dress up, light lamps and crackers, and distribute sweets, our furry companions spend the festival petrified. Itโ€™s scary enough for pets indoors, but the fear only gets heightened for the animals out on the streets.

They hear sounds that we canโ€™t

Cats and dogs can pick up on sounds that are beyond the capacity of the human ear. While we can receive frequencies between 20 and 20000 Hz, cats can receive frequencies between 48 and 85000 Hz, and dogs between 40 and 60000 Hz. The distressing loud noises we hear are amplified several times over, making it even scarier for them. We are capable of comforting ourselves because we know the source of the sound and the reason for it, but they don't. The sudden bursts cause them to perceive imminent danger and can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. 

Heightened stress levels and physical decline

The loud noises and perceived danger raises stress levels of our furry friends, forcing them into a survival situation. Pets often run for cover under the household furniture and seek comfort from family members, but animals out on the streets arenโ€™t lucky enough to do the same. They may hide in gutters to protect themselves, or under vehicles to escape the fireworks. Heightened stress levels often result in physical manifestations like shivering, loss of bladder control, drooling, and anxious pawing. They may refrain from eating and develop illnesses if the stressful condition persists. The emissions from firecrackers also interfere with their breathing and can damage their eyes.

Accidents abound 

Playing with fire comes at a risk, even for humans and accidents are common during Diwali. The risk is even greater for animals, as they may be unaware and may come dangerously close to firecrackers, suffering burns. Their stressed out states can make them more prone to vehicular accidents as well, while they frantically attempt to find safety. Cases of animal cruelty are also reported, with some people bursting crackers close to and even on the fur of street dogs.      

Lost, but not found  

Several animals end up escaping from homes and street animals often escape from their familiar streets in an attempt to flee to safety. Many end up getting lost amidst all the noise and celebration and find it difficult returning to their homes or streets.        Considering how detrimental firecrackers are to our furry friends, wouldnโ€™t it be moreexciting to celebrate the festival of light without putting someone elseโ€™s world into darkness?

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