Choosing the best furniture for your cat



Cats need a variety of towers, condos and posts to keep them entertained. With the

wide variety of cat furniture

available today, owners have their work cut out for them. They need to pick the perfect cat furniture and make sure the quality is good and more importantly, that their cat likes it. There are numerous factors to consider before buying cat furniture. Let's take a look at some of them below.

Your cat's personality

If your cat is older or just plain lazy, don't pick complicated furniture like condos. Instead, buy them a small cat tree that they can easily climb and get off of. Hammocks are also the perfect option for the lazy cat. On the other hand, if your cat is super active, tall trees, towers and play gyms are perfect for it. Your cat might also like being cozy โ€“ condos and small beds are perfect for this type of cat. Scratching posts are meant for cats that prefer to scratch and knead incessantly. Only you, the owner, will know what your cat likes and what it doesn't, so understand your kitty before buying the furniture.

Choosing between different kinds

Most cats love climbing so the taller the tower, the more the fun. Ensuring that the bases on the tower are sturdy should be the owners' main concern as cats get scared easily. The bases also need to be spacious so that your cat can stretch out and relax. Some cats prefer being cozy and need some security before they relax. Others just prefer flat surfaces that they can claw at, Again, deciding between multiple variants of the same product depends on the owners' understanding of their cat.

Choosing quality items

While your cats may not care about the materials that the toys are made with, badly made ones will have an impact on them. Furniture that is unstable and topples easily will scare cats and make them vary in the future. Ideally owners should pick furniture that is made out of real wood. Wooden furniture is sturdier and will last longer. Plywood and pressed wood are the best options.As for the covering material for the furniture, cats usually don't care. Your options range from carpet, faux fur and faux fleece. Some cats have a preference for carpet, others have a preference for other materials. Sisal rope is also a preference as they make for a great scratching surface.Owners have to watch their cats to see what they'd prefer.

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