Choosing the best furniture for your cat


Cats need a variety of towers, condos, and posts to keep them entertained. With the wide variety of cat furniture available today, owners have their work cut out for them. They need to pick the perfect cat furniture and make sure the quality is good and more importantly, that their cat likes it. There are numerous factors to consider before buying cat furniture. Let's take a look at some of them below.

Your cat's personality

If your cat is older or just plain lazy, don't pick complicated furniture like condos. Instead, buy them a small cat tree that they can easily climb and get off of. Hammocks are also the perfect option for the lazy cat. On the other hand, if your cat is super active, tall trees, towers, and play gyms are perfect for it. Your cat might also like being cozy โ€“ condos and small beds are perfect for this type of cat. Scratching posts are meant for cats that prefer to scratch and knead incessantly. Only you, the owner, will know what your cat likes and what it doesn't, so understand your kitty before buying the furniture.

Choosing between different kinds

Most cats love climbing so the taller the tower, the more fun. Ensuring that the bases on the tower are sturdy should be the owners' main concern as cats get scared easily. The bases also need to be spacious so that your cat can stretch out and relax. Some cats prefer being cozy and need some security before they relax. Others just prefer flat surfaces that they can claw at, Again, deciding between multiple variants of the same product depends on the owners' understanding of their cat.

Choosing quality items

While your cats may not care about the materials that the toys are made with, badly made ones will have an impact on them. Furniture that is unstable and topples easily will scare cats and make them vary in the future. Ideally, owners should pick furniture that is made out of real wood. Wooden furniture is sturdier and will last longer. Plywood and pressed wood are the best options. As for the covering material for the furniture, cats usually don't care. Your options range from carpet, faux fur, and faux fleece. Some cats have a preference for carpets, others have a preference for other materials. Sisal rope is also a preference as they make for a great scratching surface. Owners have to watch their cats see what they'd prefer.

While you make the right purchase decision for the furniture and get the apt ones for your house, it is also crucial to stop your pet from destroying them.

How to Stop Your Cat from Destroying Furniture

Every cat owner knows the scene. You get up from bed one fine morning, and then you see the horrific sight: your beautiful sofa scratched by your kitty. If you do not stop your cat from doing this, then after some time the sofa will be fully scratched or worse, in tatters. It will be impossible for you to keep an eye on things as the furball does this crime only during nights when you are fast asleep. Fear not, there is a way to stop the cat from scratching away your furniture. Before you know how to stop the animal, you should know the reason all cats scratch.

Why scratch at all

Scratching to your cat is a kind of exercise. It stretches the body's muscles and tendons. Every muscle from her neck and shoulders to her toes gets exercised. Cats also scratch to leave their mark. The paws of a cat have scent glands. Scratching things releases several odors which mark the cat's territory. Felines use these social mores as a communication method. It does not matter that your cat is the only cat in the house. It will do so.

Scratching also helps to ensure better claw health. Regular scratching helps the cat to shed the outside nail husk periodically, thus keeping the claw healthy. Cats also feel good when they scratch. It relieves their stress and reduces the cat's chance of developing any unwanted behavior. Do not even think of declawing your cat. Unlike what the name suggests, the procedure is actually an amputation of the leg up to the animal's first joint. It is painful for any cat and decreases the kitty's quality of life. Declawing is regarded as cruel by many veterinarians and the process is banned in a number of countries.

How to stop the sofa from getting threaded

It is possible for you to persuade your cat not to scratch the sofa. Decide on and locate and then purchase many cat scratching posts. Buy some interactive cat toys too. This step is important. It is most important that you select the correct post as all of these will come to naught if the cat does not like its scratching post. The poster you buy must be a sturdy, tall, and strong one. It should be covered in the material which cats love to scratch.

Place the scratching posts strategically all around the house. Select places which your cat already likes, like the family room or near windows. Felines like to stretch in the same place where they enjoy a cat nap. Place one scratching post near its regular sleeping place. Make the couch unattractive to the cat for scratching. Do this by tacking an aluminum foil onto the sofa.

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