Why It Is a Good Idea to Trim Your Indoor Cat's Claws

Why It Is a Good Idea to Trim Your Indoor Cat's Claws

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Do you have an indoor cat who never goes out except on a leash or in a crate with you? If yes, you might have been wondering if trimming your catโ€™s claws is a good idea. There are a lot of conflicting articles online about trimming claws, and it can get quite confusing to make a decision. Hereโ€™s the how and why of cat claw trimming.

Why trim your catโ€™s claws at all
  • Avoid cuts and infections: If your cat plays a lot with you ends up swiping your arms, legs or other body parts while playing, it might be a good idea to trim your kittyโ€™s claws. If your cat has a habit of kneading you, it is possible that its claws are out frequently and causing you pain. It is best to trim your catโ€™s claws every few weeks in such cases to avoid getting hurt playing or snuggling with your cat.
  • Avoid ingrown claws: Some indoor cats do not have a lot of surfaces to scratch, which leads to ingrown claws at times. Ingrown claws refers to claws that turn inward and grow into the pads in your catโ€™s paws. This can be extremely painful and can cause infections and wounds on the paws. If your cat has ingrown claws, it is best to let your vet trim the claws and show you how to avoid it going forward.
  • Avoid damage to furniture: If your cat has a habit of scratching your furniture and has sharp claws, it can cause a lot of damage to all your household furniture. It can also cause your clothes to have pulled threads when your cat kneads you or plays with you. To avoid such damage, you can clip the sharp ends of your catโ€™s claws every few weeks.
How to trim your catโ€™s claws
  • Do it quick. Most cats do not have the patience to be held down and sit in one spot while you trim their claws. It is important to get it done as quickly as you can before your cat starts squirming and trying to get away.
  • Use proper nail clippers to trim claws. This ensures there are no injuries or awkward cuts. Your nail clippers will work perfectly fine on cats if you do not want to buy clippers meant specifically for claws.
  • Ensure your kitty is relaxed. A squirming, annoyed cat means you risk injury while trimming claws. Get your cat comfortable before you start clipping.

Trimming claws is a good idea only if your cat stay exclusively indoors. If you have an indoor/outdoor cat, it is best to leave the claws as is as they need sharp claws for climbing and self-defense. Outdoor cats should never have trimmed claws as they need it for survival.

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